April 2, 2013

Stylist for a Day

On my previous post, I told you guys about the blogger event I was attended on with actress Kris Bernal for Sundance clothing line, if you haven't read it yet, just click HERE!

...so, here are the photos I took after the styling session.
This look won as the "People's Choice Award" and 2nd Place Winner! :)
It was an awesome experience to be stylist for a day!

We are the last group to present, that's why we have few choices left in the clothes rack. We choose a combination of white, pink and black to freshen her up and to create a variety of sporty/casual chic and true to her looks. We choose the short that can easily work together and works with every single piece. We layered two different tank tops to add more style, we have gotten the belts for a headband and perfectly dolled her up with my matte pink lipstick from Etude House. We're glad 'coz any outfit fits wonderfully on Kris' petite body.

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