Thursday, June 15, 2017

LOOK | Bohemian Mood

We wanted to create the perfect place for our Simone's Closet Wild and Free Collection photoshoot -- a tropical-kinda space to retreat with our team after an exhausted yet fun photo session. We can't imagine anything better than having a teepee, crates and cute bohemian stuff. But like our DIY location set-ups, this one is so picturesque and super easy to do.

I am such a big fan of this maxi dress with two-sided slit. Not only are they perfect for long summer walks but they also go so well with my bohemian mood because the color is so calm and the style is so comfy. A super cute arm candies and statement necklace is a-must to bring a bohemian style to my outfit.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Choosing the Best Prom Dresses for Prom Night

Prom night is one of the most exciting and memorable events of every teenage girl. Who wouldn't? Imagine yourself wearing a glamorous dress and all eyes are on you. Imagine how your friends will respond to you and in your eye-catching dress. The man of your dreams strides toward you with a manly grunt of desire, he roughly takes you in his arms. OMG. Isn't it exciting? LOL. 😂

Well, what I'm tryin' to say is that in a most awaited event like a Prom Night, you have to wear a fashionable wardrobe that is the envy of everyone and people talk about long after the party is over. Apparently, choosing special dresses for Prom Night has become one big annual dilemma for you. But fear not... because the most fashionable and modern designs can be found when shopping online. And there's an online shop called Sherry.London that offers up-to-date and fabulous yet affordable Prom Dresses.

Choosing the best prom dresses that will perfectly fit your personality will make you more noticeable in the spotlight. Check out below the different type and style of Prom Dresses that suit you.

Another way to stand out at the Prom Night is to wear vintage dresses because it does have an unique appeal of its own. 

You don't have to spend a fortune to shine at the Prom Night. These elegant and fabulous design doesn't necessarily have to come with an enormous price tag.

The color red is one of the colors that catches the eye the most and it stands out from the crowd. You will surely be courting attention with the attractive and energetic aura of your red dress. 

You can never go wrong with a classic look. When in doubt wear black. If you would like to play safe with your selection, black is the color for you. 

Blue dresses are worn by compassionate women. That positive hue of color blue notably recognized as the color of the se and sky. It means calmness, influence, spirituality and cleanliness among others. So, whenever you want to represent peacefulness and fidelity -- wear blue.

Monday, May 22, 2017

LOOK | Blushing Red

My wardrobe is full of colorful this season and I just love mixing them together. I got this beautiful red dress from FashionMia along with the dresses I posted a few months ago. Despite the dress' casual feel it turns out to be much more chic when worn with a gold stiletto. And how adorable is that red colour?! I am seriously in love with this dress and it's definitely one of my best dress this season!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ADVERTISEMENT | Out Dresses for Homecoming Ball

Homecoming Dresses at DressesofGirl 

Now that you have your back-to-school ootd in order, it’s time to get ready for your first big event of the season: The Homecoming! It’s a bit less formal than prom, but I'm sure you must all be ready to put the homecoming queen competition behind you now.

Before all that, there's one more important thing we need to discuss: The Homecoming Dresses. Put on the full look, including your formal dress or cocktail gown, your shoes, and all of your accessories to complete the ensemble. Make sure you're feeling confident and happy with the overall look of your party outfit from head to toe.

Speaking of those outfit, make sure you that it is made from a superior quality fabric so that it will stay in place as you dance the night away with wild abandonment. It’s really nice to have a scene stealer dress that will instantly make you the center of attention of everybody -- I believe it's all in the dress.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to shine in a gorgeous dress at the homecoming ball. At prices you can afford, you can order online at Dressofgirl.

You will find all of these current popular homecoming dress trends at their website,  whether you are looking for a classic long formal evening gown or a cute short prom dress, a extravagant wedding or for any special occasions by the top dress designers.

Why don’t you take a closer look at all the cute homecoming dresses on Dressofgirl?

I posted below my top five favorite. Check it... 😍

These inexpensive homecoming dresses are quoted at fantastically low prices and you're given a wide array of great choices. It is your best shot to arrest the undivided attention of admirers under your spell. With DressofGirl, there's no reason not to stand out! 😄

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LOOK | Hello Mint

I got to try out these stunning bandage two-piece bikini from Tosave and I absolutely loved them! I've got a huge collection of bikinis in different color and style but this one is my favorite so far. This suit is in mint green which is a new color to my collection. I really love how this suit looks on even though I was worried about what the mint tone would look like against my skin color.

After using it for a summer pool party and comparing it to my other swimsuits the quality is undeniable. You can tell that it was crafted well and will last. It's definitely more flattering than any other suit I've owned.

Swimsuit: | Sunglass: Rayban

Watch: Technomarine

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