Monday, August 8, 2016

LOOK | Romantic Blues

A beautiful sunny day at the beach! I love the relaxing walk on the beach and to captured its fascinating details. There is just something about the feeling of the water getting in between my toes as I walk up the shoreline watching the sun set in the background -- everything looks so romantic. That's why, spending my weekend here is the best option :)

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Is Set With Lookhuman Beach Towels

The hot summer day is bound to make you go out of the house. It is obvious that one would want to spend their days in the best environment possible. Therefore, be acquainted with the service, which is going to make your enjoyment time even more fun. There is a great chance for you to be in trend and follow your summer wish list. Take all the essential items to stay safe and equipped for the fun at beach. Sunbathing has also become common. Buy the variety of beach towels to chill on the sand. You can shop with discounts at the use of LookHuman coupons.

Each year we all wait for the time when we take out our bikinis or summer clothes and are ready for the time when vacations arrive. Therefore, we introduce this towel to help you beat the sun with a smile on your face. Use this design of towel to create a colorful impression on anyone wants to know you better. The cool glasses on the sun portray a cool look of excellence. All you need to do is spread this towel on the beach floor and relax on it like never before.

Be proud of the good looks you have. They are going to take you very far in the world, as you will not need to do a lot of effort. The beautiful creature wants to be treated nicely and there is nothing you can do about it rather than pet it. So become the living example of a spoilt raptor and be sure to gain the attention of your surrounding people. Purchase this high quality product to become a popular beach queen in the eyes of others. With the use of LookHuman coupon, get to shop the best of the product range, which is supposed to be bought by the enthusiastic people.

The only deal you need for summer
When you have been searching for affordable deals to shop for home equipment, here are the best products, which we have sorted down. You would found all kinds of designs and characters for the quality material towels. Make sure you buy the ones, which are suitable according to your personality. Use the advantage of LookHuman coupons to benefit from this facility. Overall, it is an opportunity for you to pack your bag of trendy items. So get started on this venture to make your summer a fun filled one.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

LOOK | Sunflower

Hi friends! A quick update for today. Just wanted to show you guys this floral maxi skirt from my forever love Simone's Closet. I’m crazy in love with this item, and I can basically sleep in it. It’s everything I wanted and more. I’m starting to sound desperate, but you get the point.

Anyway, this sunflower field I noticed several days ago and was waiting for all flowers to blossom out. I finally make a photo shot there and it fits perfectly to my outfit.

Top: Hanes | Maxi Skirt: Simone's Closet

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

My FashionMia Wishlist: Bohemian Style

Fashion has always been important to me. I love getting creative and styling up an outfit however I want to, but one thing I always go for when choosing clothing is comfort. That's why I love bohemian style.

One of the most spectacular and feminine styles that exist as trends in the world of fashion is the boho or bohemian one, which forms an important part of the fashion lines of many brands. If you’re interested in embracing a look, you have to consider to pick some bohemian pieces on your next shopping. I'm really glad I found FashionMia -- a webstore that offers a variety of fashion style especially bohemian style.

I enjoy offering some of my favourite pieces in their webstore and below are my wishlist.
So, what's your favorite on my list? :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

LOOK | Boho Vibes

Another set of photos from our bohemian photoshoot at Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales as promised. It's been quite a few months since we took these photos but as usual I am very bad posting on time.

I loved the view so much plus the weather has been so great I just couldn't get enough of it so, I took lots of photos. So, that's all for now... I’m sorry for the short update, it’s 4 AM right now and I should go to bed! Goodnight! :)

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Monday, May 30, 2016

LOOK | Taste the Feeling

On Sunday I walked around Seaside Beach Resort in Cavite looking like this. Well, these were the details of my outfit: a denim short, fringe top, sunnies, my Technomarine watch and a bottle of coca-cola. :D It seems like a simple combination but I really like this sort of look. For me it’s the closest thing to hanging around in my PJ's all day. :)

The day after I posted this look on my LOOKBOOK account, a Thai online magazine contacted me to feature this look. Yay. So, excited! :)

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