May 5, 2024

The Perfect Green Blazer

On the day I captured these images, my schedule was packed with back-to-back meetings and an evening event to attend. Fortunately, I chose to wear an outfit that is incredibly versatile, allowing me to transition effortlessly from professional engagements to a more relaxed social setting later in the evening. This look is ideal for the office, too, especially if you are fortunate enough to work in a relatively laid-back environment. Its combination of professionalism and casual style makes it suitable for various workplace settings. You simply can’t go wrong with this outfit; it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, ensuring you feel confident and polished throughout the day.

This collared button up blazer is my absolute favorite among all the pieces I own, and it’s perfect for the warm weather here in the Philippines. Its lightweight fabric keeps me comfortable, whether I’m at work or out with friends. I love how it adds a stylish touch to any outfit! When I saw this one on Rihoas webstore I essentially thought it was bright green, almost neon looking based on the pictures. It turned out to be dark green (my favorite shade of green) and I couldn’t be more happier about that.  
Confidently, I wore this blazer with a white spaghetti strap top, comfortable denim shorts, and my strappy heels. I choose to throw on a sunglasses and my snakeskin leather purse to elevate my look instantly and to create this impossibly cool look. See? Not every blazer means you have to look business casual. In fact, blazers are being worn more and more in a casual sense than in a professional one. 

Now here’s the real kicker. This collared button up blazer is priced at $25, which is truly unbelievable! Seriously, I was so happy when I discovered the deal. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with such an affordable and stylish piece. It's the perfect addition to elevate your outfits and bring a fresh touch to your style. 




February 6, 2024

Everything About "Dazzle Me": The New Generation of Beauty Brand

Dazzle Me is fairly a new beauty brand to join my collection, my first ever purchases being the Ink-Licious Liptint and The World Traveler Eyeshadow Pallete last year. Since then, my collection and obsession with the brand has grown! And last December, I was lucky enough to be gifted a holiday-exclusive items by Dazzle Me and I’ve honestly never been so excited!

That being said, Dazzle Me products have intrigued me for a while, I’ve seen them everywhere on Instagram over the last 12 months, growing increasingly popular amongst the beauty community and has received numerous awards including Best MakeUp Finds 2023 by magazine

Who are Dazzle Me? As I mentioned on my previous blog post HERE, Dazzle Me is a new-generation beauty brand founded in 2020 with the expert touch of L.A.’s beauty authority. Their mission is to empower individuals with the confidence to express their boldest, most authentic selves. To break free from stereotypes and embark on a beauty revolution that is bold, boundless and beautiful.

Read on to learn more about their products.


What is it?
A multi-purpose Lip Topper and Treatment that conditions lips, brightens lip color, and reduces the appearance of lip lines while providing lasting moisture. 

Lip Loving Ingredients
Grape Seed Extract - helps protect your lips from harmful free radicals.
Pomegranate Extract - nourishes lips and restores natural looking pink color.
Rosa Rugosa (Rose) Oil - prevents and heal chapped lips.
Jojoba Seed Oil - locks hydration and gives natural plumping effect on the lips.

How to use
1. As a lip primer - apply before matte lip product to prime the lips.
2. As a lip topper - apply over matte lipstick to create a juicy glossy lips.

What is it?
A glossy-to-stain formula that provides lustre of a gloss, pigment of a lip crea, and a stain of a tint.

Why it's Special?
*Gloss-to-Stain Finish. Dries down to a pigmented, glossy sheen and fades into a moisturizing yet lasting stain.
*No Sticky Feel. Creme-gel consistency smooths over lips without sticky feel.

What is it?
A soft-blur lip cream that will never blur out your lips. It delivers full pigment and sets to a soft matte finish without emphasizing lip lines. 

Lip-loving Matte
Looks matte but lips are enveloped with hyaluronic acid, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter for a non-sticky and non-drying feel.

What is it?
A buildable hybrid formula blush that seamlessly blends into skin for a long-lasting flush of color. 

Heart-melt Ingredients
Unique Staying Power. Liquid to creamy texture but stays longer than a powder blush.
Seamless Blend. Blends like a dream to create subtle or vividly flushed look without caking. 

Why it's Special?
Lip tint with stunning and pop-out color that stays long on the lips. 

*Striking Tint Color. Natural water-based pigmentation to enrich your lip color and create vibrant and fuller lips. 
*Long-wear.  Fast-absorbing and long-lasting without giving a sticky feeling. 
*Moisturizing. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to continuously hydrate lips with pomegranate scent, make it very delicious.
*High Pigment. Intense high pigment sensation in one swipe, effortlessly camouflages lip lines with a natural glow finish. 
*12H Power StainWater-based tint with superbly light texture. Guaranteed transferproof, waterproof and long-lasting up to 12H. 
*Ultra Moist. All day hydrating. Stunning while nourishing.

Hyaluronic Acid - hyper moisturizing and prevent cracked lips.
Castor Oil - keeps your lips hydrate and soften your lips.
3 Plant Extracts - helps soothe and hydrates your lips. 

Talc-free | Mineral oil-free | Alcohol-free

What is it?
A lip sleeping mask that intensively repairs, nourishes and brightens lip color, leaving it feeling plumped and moisturized. 

What you'll love about it?
*Overnight Repair & Nourishment. Infused with plant-derived ingredients for intensive overnight repair and improves chapped lips making it look more healthy and plumped.
*Reduces the Appearance of Dark Lips. Contains 2 fruit extracts to help reduce the appearance of dark lips, improve dullness and provide ample hydration.
*Light and Non-sticky. Pudding-like texture that instantly melts on the lips without the sticky and heavy feeling -- and a little goes a long way.

What it is made of?
Shea Butter Extract + Rosehip Oil - deep nourishment and soft lips texture.
Grape Seed Extract - rich in Vitamin V helps brighten lip color & lip lines.
Strawberry Scent - shea butter extract
Coffee Scent Extract - coffee seed oil

Comes with 2 Scents
1. Strawberry Scent
2. Coffee Scent

Talc-free | Mineral oil-free | Alcohol-free

What is it?
Revolutionary Film-forming Agent. Ensure your lashes stay sky-high from dawn to dusk.
Squalane. Lash-loving elixir to keep your lashes not just coated, but deeply nourished.
Carbon Black. The "little black dress" for your lashes -- elegant, impactful and intensely chic. 

Curls | Volumizes | Lifts
Intensely Volumizing | 24H No Clumping | Dimensional Lift

What is it?
* Buildable Coverage. Fine and smooth powder with super coverage, easily cover the blemishes on face, make makeup more exquisite.
*Lightweight Powder. Quickly adhere to the skin, light and comfortable to use. No clogging of pores, all day with burden-free makeup all day long.
*Long-Wear. Contain natural mineral formula that helps provide a long-lasting effect.

12H Oil Control
Specially formulated for oily-skin type. Resistant to sweat and water. SPF protection. 

Choose Your Shade
01 Fair Enough - light-medium with cool undertone.
02 Natural Feeling - fair-light with neutral to warm undertone.
04 Warm Mocca - medium with warm undertone.

What is it?
Makeup setting spray for refreshing oil control and long lasting makeup.

What you'll love about it?
1. High performance and long-lasting technology.
2. 12H Long wear. Helps lock makeup and make it last all day.
3. One spray for makeup that doesn't fade, smudge-proof, waterproof and mask-proof.

4x Hydrating Ingredients
Rose Water - gives a cooling sensation.
Trehalose - hydrates and boosts antioxidant level. 
Hyaluronic Acid - helps increase hydration and leaves skin hydrated and supple. 
Castor Oil - maintains skin moisture level for longer hydration.


What is it?
An eyeshadow palette inspired by the beauty of the cosmic elements, containing celestial hues that is blendable, high-pigment and long-lasting.

What you'll love about it?
*Pigmented Color Payoff - even application and vibrant color payoff with a single stroke.
*Multi textures for multi looks - includes matte and shimmery textures for versatile combination and multi-dimensional eye looks.
*Smooth and long-lasting - glides seamlessly and adheres to eyelid with no fallout.

They have 2 available palettes
01 Milky Way (Shade: Aurora, Halo, Moonbeam, Astral, Supernova, Luna, Collide, Stardust, Galactic)
02 Venus Aura (Shade: Stellar, Mystic, Harmony, Celestial, Enchant, Serene, Nebula, Venus, Adorn)

*Note: Exlusively available at Robinsons Department Store

What are your thoughts on Dazzle Me as a brand? Do you have any favourite? Let me know below! And if you want to know more about Dazzle Me product and their other collection, just check out their social media accounts below. 

December 23, 2023

My Christmas Wishlist 2023

So as an adult, I feel super silly thinking of Christmas gifts. Truthfully it was really tough this year because I’m a giver than a taker. But I know all the people who love me so much that they want to make me really happy like having things to give me so I thought of a few things. 

And for me, I’ll look at is as a vision board and because I really believe that if I write it down for the world to see, the universe will conspire to give me the things that I want. Maybe it will give you ideas, too if you can’t think of anything!

1. Japanese Suamei
Plants is always and forever the perfect present for me. Proud plant parents tend to enjoy adding new plants to their collection, and though I have Japanese Suamei already, I still want another one in our entryway. (BUY HERE)

2. Vinyl Records
Lately I have been really wishing I had more vinyl records, especially my favorite Jim Croce, Michael Jackson and The Beach Boys, but they are all so expensive. I certainly don’t want to to drop 4 bills on a record, regardless of how much I want it. But if you're generous enough to give me one of this, I would be most grateful.

3. Bohemian Blanket
I am a big fan of the bohemian style when it comes to interior decor and a bohemian blanket is a great way to adds bohemian charm and texture to our couch or the edge of my bed. The best part about bohemian blankets is that they come in so many different colors and patterns... and I love that everything can be applied with a neutral room.

4. Portable Projector
Having a projector becomes imperative if I plan on throwing a memorable party or memorable movie nights for friends and family on our rooftop. So, I’ve been thinking about getting a portable projector and our current projector is giving me headache to set up. Plus I’m really tired of seeing all of the wires that clash with the aesthetics of my indoor design.

5. Electric Milk Frother
Our handheld milk frother works fine but I want one with more capabilities and very functional that allows me to get that enticing foam found on barista-made smooth hot chocolate to foamy matcha but from my own kitchen.

6. Scented Candle
I've always had a thing for scented candles because having a nice scent in a room brings me joy and I'm all about anything that brings me joy - sometimes, it's the smallest of things that can brighten your day, and in my case, it's a nice candle. They're one of my favourite gifts to receive especially the citrus, woody, earthy and fresh scent.

7. Dog Bag Carrier
To allow my dog(s) to travel in style. Nuff said!

So there you have it, my Christmas wish list! =) Let me know what is on your Christmas wish list! Thank you so much for stopping by.  

November 28, 2023

The Top 5 Favorite Dazzle Me Products that You Should Own

Dazzle Me was a generation beauty brand founded in July 2020 with the expert touch of L.A.’s beauty authority and since its inception; this brand that has gained nationwide attention these past few years on Tiktok and Instagram. The Generation Dazzle Me Collection became an instant hit with the locals and definitely has their place in every GenZ’s make up bag (even from other age groups), as it is affordable and consists of various beauty products that a beauty enthusiast might need.

Personally, I’m a fan, not because they are funky and handy makeups but because on the whole, the products are good quality for the affordable price point that is also 100% cruelty-free, non-toxic and dermatology tested.

If you've never tried it for yourself, here's the 5 Generation Dazzle Me Collection products that you should on. I told you you’d get hooked as well!
However, before jumping straight into the list, I want to make a little disclaimer. With this post, I am by no means saying that these five are the only makeup products that are worth the money when it comes to Revolution; these are merely the ones I think many people would appreciate and I, personally, would repurchase again. This doesn’t mean the absence of a product makes it bad, and doesn’t even mean I did not like it.
Ink-Licious Liptint
When I heard about this Ink-Licious Liptint I immediately wanted to snag one for myself since it claims to be transfer-proof and promise to last for a whopping 12(!) hours, I was intrigued — and also pretty skeptical. On my first try, I immediately fell in love with it. Actually, I have been using this lip stain on and off for weeks now, and no amount of rubbing, drinking, or eating made this color budge. 


What surprise me also is how lightweight these ones are. It really doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your lips at all. I’m also very impressed by how hydrating they are. I usually can’t wear matte lip tints or even lipsticks because they’re way to drying and leave my lips cracked at the end of the day, but I’ve never had this issue once with this tint. My lips feel moisturized throughout the whole day -- thanks to the hyaluronic acid in the formula. Glad that I found this product. Definitely will continue using it and now I am going to try out another shade. 

It comes from 4 tempting colors; (1) Touchdown (2) Smiley (3) Swipe Up (4) Oran-gee. I swear, every shade is gorgeous.

Muse Pressed Foundation
Even if your skin is practically perfect, you will occasionally need a little touch up to make you look that little bit better. That’s why I am extremely picky when it comes to pressed foundation, because instead of it'll helps me to conceals the imperfections of my face, many end up looking heavy or cakey, emphasize pores or even end up breaking me out. 


But the Dazzle Me Muse Pressed Foundation look perfectly fine on my skin. This foundation has got to be the most affordable yet very effective on covering skin blemishes I have ever tried. It’s very lightweight and with a long-wear formula; it will remain on the skin for up to 12 hours without requiring touch-ups. This is the perfect choice for those of you looking for a filter-like natural skin look with a matte finish. This foundation is specially formulated for oily-type skin because it is resistant to sweat and water. And... it lets your skin breathe and also protects it from the sun with an SPF 25 PA+++. Amazing, right?

Cosmic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
This gorgeous eyeshadow is the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to a funky night out, glam party or just want to look that little bit extra, you will not be disappointed with Dazzle Me Cosmic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette.


This eye palette is a revolutionary 9-pan eyeshadow palette that helps you create an array of glam looks effortlessly, ranging all the way from the dazzling Mystic shade to the intriguing Galactic shade that can give you a futuristic vibes. It’s also delivers minimal fallout with maximum sparkle weather you want a matte, shimmery or glittery look. It is super pigmented in one swipe and I like the particles are really small so they still look natural when put on.

The packaging is cute acrylic where you can see the shades immediately. You’ll never want another eyeshadow palette in your makeup bag once you’ve experienced this beauty. This is one of the best Dazzle me products that you should keep in your purse at all times. They have 2 available palettes: 01 Milky Way and 02 Venus Aura.

Eyeshadow: 02 Venus Aura in Celestial Shade
Cosmic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is a Robinsons Department Store exclusive product.

Get a Grip! Makeup Setting Spray
For makeup that lasts from day to night, looks no further than this Get a Grip! Makeup Setting Spray. I discovered this two weeks ago and have never stopped using it. It literally makes my makeup last for the whole day. I recently tested it for 12 hours and when I reached home, my makeup was still on and didn’t look cakey or faded. 


The mist will not upset any product on your face; just provide a natural veil like shield that lasts all day long. It is enriched with rose water for rich refreshment and Trehalose for a splash of hydration and boosts antioxidant level. It helps bring a youthful into your look and aid towards the prevention of natural ageing.

Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, I would recommend this product to other beauty lovers because of how refreshed and hydrated I feel after a few quick spritzes. 

Here's the 3 steps to flawless makeup: (1) Shake the bottle gently before use (2) Just hold the spray with a distance 15-20 cm from the face, close your eyes and spray evenly (3) Wait 30-60 until the product sets on the skin. 

Attack on Sun! Sunscreen 
I’ve been working on my sunscreen game for the past few years and I’m by no means an expert with chemical and physical sunscreens. Trust me, I still get confused. But I do know what I like with a sunscreen... first, if it’s quick absorbing and weightless. Second, no white cast, and third, if it has a higher SPF.


Actually, I didn’t even know the meaning behind the SPF in sunscreen but I know, the higher the better. If you apply a sunscreen with SPF50, it means it will take times longer for your skin to burn compared to not wearing any sunscreen at all. UVA rays also contribute to skin damage and aging. To ensure broad-spectrum coverage protection, it is advisable to use sunscreen that offers UVA protection. In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised because I can get everything I need in a sunscreen from Dazzle Me Attack on Sun! Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++. Yes, it has SPF50 in a very affordable price. That’s why I recommend this product. I’m sure… you’ll feel good under the sun. 

Which of these best Dazzle Me products are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!