August 22, 2019

EVENT | Philippine Fashion Revolution 2019

Philippine Fashion Revolution 2019 
The hottest & prestigious fashion show of the year! 
September 22-23, 2019 
SMX Convention Center, Aura

Excited yet? Well, let us spark your excitement even more with our third batch of De-signers for Philippine Fashion Revolution which will unfold on September 22 to 23, at SMX Convention Center Aura, Taguig City. Expect the unexpected. Designs infused with Indigenous weaves from different regions of our country. What will be their take on Modern Katutubo Fashion? It’s for us to know and for you to find out! Philippine Fashion Revolution is produced by Lynn Bentsen Talent & Fashion Academy and directed by Cata Figueroa and Raymond Villanueva.

Here are some of the fashion designers that will be proudly showcasing their creations:

Nina Corpuz, a newscaster who is also a fashion designer. With her classic designs that are timeless yet comfortable for daily use. Indeed, Ms. Nina Corpuz is one designer that we can look forward to this upcoming Philippine Fashion Revolution.

Ole Morabe, one of our country’s top designers whose love for Filipino fashion is un-deniable. Anything that is in our cultural heritage, he can translate it into his designs. This is definitely a remarkable talent that the Philippines owns.

Pencil Diestra, a Pencil Diestra creation is a distinctive design that showcases em-broideries, cuts and colors that represents our culture. Making a statement in the fashion industry, a Filipino Fashion statement.

Peter Lim, flowy, light, colorful… His collections show the soft side of a woman. Yet, the challenge lies ahead. Incorporating local weaves into his designs and still pos-sessing the delicateness of a woman. Definitely worth waiting for.

Pat Santos, undoubtedly, his ingenious collections and designs speak for himself. Creative and inventive. If he can create a Modern meets Medieval collection, he can surely meld Philippine weaves with your common fabrics that will speak his mind and soul.

Philip Torres, a renowned Kapampangan artist and designer, with his own designer brand Pidayit is going to set the stage with culturally rich designs. Definitely, his collection will not be limited to clothes, he may also be including beadworks and accessories that is truly native to our country.

Rafael Gonzalez, he creates stunning suits and dresses up male newscasters. But his designs are not limited to men alone, he also creates beautiful wedding and ball gowns, evening dresses and many others. With his exquisite collection, it will be intri-guing to see his creation infused with our local weaves.

Ronaldo Arnaldo, he knows his craft. He knows how talented he is. With his imaginative mind, he can create looks that are avante garde, at the same time, he can also shift into our own cultural fashion. A designer who knows how to make a statement in every collection he creates.

Unity Ong Tan Ka, she already joined the prestigious Philippine Fashion Week and showcased her collection on the runway. Known for her contemporary design, it would be interesting to see her designs fused with Philippine weaves.

Veejay Floresca, she is known for her transitioning as a transgender woman, but there is more to her than that. Her colorful take on what to wear on weddings was featured in It was simple but definitely sophisticated and comfortable to wear. Watch out for her collections this September.

Card Arcita, one of the youngest, millennial designers who is also a member of De-signers Circle Philippines. He started designing and sketching during high school and pursued fashion designing. Young as he is, we can never underestimate a talent with fresh ideas.

Bobby Syah, some of his designs are surely whimsical, but most of it are purely ele-gant especially with his beadworks. An expert in local weaves, his collection is definitely awe-inspiring. His designs cries out where his roots belong, definitely a passion for fashion and cultural heritage.

Bernard Escalona, one of the bridal couturiers of this event. A much awaited collec-tion to look forward to. Will he be incorporating ethnic designs to his bridal collection or is it something coming out from a fairy tale book? We will see it on the stage of Philippine Fashion Revolution 2019.

Enoc Aliga, intricate and beautiful, these are the gowns that Enoc Aliga creates on his table. Hailing from Nueva Ecija, this designer truly deserves recognition and what avenue is it best to do this but on the stage of Philippine Fashion Revolution.

Fanny Serrano, the most prominent figure in our list. He is a hair and makeup guru who has his own makeup brand, an actor, a celebrity stylist and many more. Adding up to his achievements is him as a fashion designer. He is all we think of him to be when it comes to the fashion industry.

Erjohn Dela Serna, ever wonder how it feels like dressing up a beauty queen? Well, ask Erjohn Dela Serna. Ms. Universe 2018, Catriona Gray, wore an indegenous top created by our featured designer Not only did he dress our very own Ms. Universe, but he also did the resort wear of the 13th Mister International Candidates.

Garvy Terrado, classy, elegant, couture. This is Garvy Terrado of GenSan. Designs that have stories to tell. Talent and eye for sophistication, no doubt that his craftsmanship deserves to be recognized on the prestigious Philippine Fashion Revolution 2019.

Francis Calaquian, chairman of Designers Circle Philippines and one of the country’s top designers. His expertise is our very own terno. He teaches young designers on how to properly cut and sew a terno to preserve its authentic design.

Gener Gozum, one of our seasoned designer and another member of the Designer Circle Philippines (DCP). With works included in Las Bodas Filipinas en Las Casas, Tintura de Malabon, Flores de Mayo 2014; just to name a few. Collaborating with the creme de la creme of the fashion industry, Gener Gozum is definitely someone to look forward to in this year’s event.

Gil Granado, intricate, sleek, modern, fabulous! His designs say who he is. From bridal, evening, prom gowns to men’s suits; all are jaw dropping and worthy of praise. Anticipating to experience the Granado magic? Join us on the Philippine Fashion Revolution to see his creation.

Happy Andrada, featured in CNN Philippines, Metro Style, Manila Fashion Festival just to name a few. Her name is more than just a label, she is one of our country’s pride in the fashion industry. With credentials that cannot be discounted, Happy Andrada is clearly someone to expect on this awesome event.

Jay Sustiguer, street, men’s, and luxewear, his designs infused with inndeginous weaves will be an intriguing ensemble. Paraded his collection on Philippine Fashion Week together with other designers has definitely placed himself on the map in the fashion industry.

Harvic Dominguez, one of the young promising designers on our list is Harvic Dominguez. A designer with a diverse Cordilleran Heritage. It can not go as tribal as this since he belongs to the tribe of the Igorots. A modern and fresh take on indigenous weaves infused in your daily OOTD. Do you see yourself wearing one? I guess you do!

Jinggo Inoncillo, a designer for men’s wear who also loves to play with prints and structure. Definitely, he won’t have a hard time to incorporate Philippine Weaves in his collection. His design is unequivocally beyond tradition.

Julius Tarog, not just a fashion designer but also the resident stylist for several shows of GMA 7. Been there and done that. There is nothing for him to prove anymore especially in using naturally woven fabrics that represents our culture. Catch his collection on the stage of Philippine Fashion Revolution 2019.

Joebee Henson, one of Pampanga’s pride in fashion design and owner of Cofragia's Closet Gowns And Designs. Bridal, evening, and ball gowns are some of his expertise. Catch him flare up the stage of Philippine Fashion Revolution . Don’t miss him!

M Barretto, he is one of the few men’s wear designers in the list and, in addition, a stylist to local celebrities as well. Hip, edgy, classy; these are just some of the words that can best describe his collection and designs. His work of art will undoubtedly be an ensemble that will spark a craze on stage.

Joseph Palma, a young, budding fashion designer who is also a stylist at the same time. A traveller by heart, he sees fashion in every destination he arrives at and takes them as an inspiration in his designs.

Mark Yaranon, a world class designer who already treaded Toronto’s runway with his collection. The only designer for Iconic Fashion in the bunch. Drapes of fabric on gowns, patterns, styles and designs are definitely unique.

Mars Silud, another member of Designers Circle Philippines (DCP). Paraded his Flo-res de Mayo sa Las Casas gown that is absolutely eye catching. The owner of MandE Design Studio and the designer behind the bridal gowns, suits and many other crea-tions. Experience his collection on Philippine Fashion Revolution.

Michael Barassi, an outstanding costume designer that shows his patriotism through his designs. Created the Bakunawa for Mark Kevin Baloaloa, Philippine representative to the 13th Mister International contest this year; one of his many designs that has taken center stage.

Mikaelah Michelle, dainty and inlaid with intricate designs, these is how she sees a bride in her creations. Experience her expertise on the runway of Philippine Fashion Revolution and be amazed with what she will showcase on stage.

Levenson Rodriguez, an educator at the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship (ICE) an a designer for men’s wear. His designs are colorful, fun yet aggressive. His ap-proach on his craft is not for the faint at heart. It is for the confident, metrosexual man of this millenium.

Geoffrey Zordilla, an awardee of PEFTA Designer (Preview's Emerging Fashion Tal-ent Awards) in 2013. He draws inspiration from nature for his designs. Another young fashion designer whose works will be seen on the runway of Philippine Fashion Revo-lution.

Mikee Andrei a bridal wear couturier whose creations are light and airy, vintage, clean lines and elegant. She just participated in the recent Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2019 together with other fashion designers. She will definitely make sound in the fashion industry with her ingenuity. Proudly Filipino Designer!

You can be a part of this fabulous event on September 22 and 23, 2019 at SMX Convention Center, Aura. 

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August 8, 2019

ARL Doner Kebab: The Authentic Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab is originally from Turkey, it is a type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The sliced meat of a doner kebab may be served on a plate with various accompaniments, stuffed into a pita or other type of bread as a sandwich, or wrapped in a thin flatbread. It sounds really interesting right?

Out of my curiosity, I tried every Doner Kebab everywhere to find out which one is undeniably the best. After a long time of completely immersing myself in a kebab scene, I feel confident to award ARL Doner Kebab the title of the "Best Doner Kebab" in town. This one just rocked me. Yet, what puts ARL Doner Kebab above the rest for me, is the way that it comes in a homemade pita and you can tell right away that their kebab is very authentic. Yes! The authentic doner kebab is already here in the Philippines.

Finding a healthy, well-balanced meal in a fast food restaurant can be a challenge. But now, you can indulge yourself with something both fast and delicious because ARL Doner Kebab is a reminder that fast food can be healthy too. It's better, yummier and healthier than hamburger. Let me just tell you that I will never forget this tender spicy taste and as a result I finished three kebabs during my three hours of stay in their stall.

One of the best thing is their price is very affordable but delivers a solid experience. The meat is tender and juicy. The addition of crisp tomato and cucumber into the classic lettuce, white onion salad and corn kernel is also a nice touch. Plus you can get a good amount of sauce. Honestly, one of the biggest reasons why I crave this place is because the sauce is too good.

For anyone who wants something healthy,wholesome, and different, come try this place out on their first branch at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Galleria South at San Pedro, Laguna from 10am to 9pm.

July 28, 2019

How should the “wide shoulder” girls choose Lolita costumes?

Are you in love with Lolita costumes? But you have wide shoulders, and people say you should not go for it? Don’t listen to these people. The fashion industry is so much evolved now that there are always many options for every figure lady. And wide shoulders is absolutely not a problem. Readout this article till the end and you will find out many tips to choose the right dress in which your wide shoulder will not look wide anymore. Also, by utilizing those tips, you can quickly select suitable Lolita costumes. Here, I will also give you some dressing options that you will surely love to wear. So don't miss out and read till the end.

A rule of thumb, if you have wide shoulders, is that you should not wear a top that will make your shoulders more prominent. Think of shoulder pads, boat shape tops, embroiled neckline, and furry neckline. I think you now know that these are not for you. Throw off these clothes now if these were previously present in your wardrobe.

So what to wear? Wear something that enhances other features of your body but your shoulders. Lolita skirts? Of course, yes. Wear them with light color tops, and you will feel a perfect look. Choose shirts and tops with wide sleeves towards the bottom. Also, try dresses with wide straps. Wrap your shoulders in a v neck dress to wrap them up. Go backless at parties with heavy patterns at the lower side of the dress. You will be surely in the limelight.

Still confused with the dressing options I am talking about with your wide shoulders? Let me help you with these Lolita dresses. You will surely buy one of them if you read till the end. First of all, let me start with Puff Sleeve dresses. Let’s have a look at this picture first.

In the picture, the dress is on the dummy, but you can have an idea that it will look cute on your wide shoulders. It has a regular neck line which is not so broad and not so small. With that, it has an additional fabric all around the neckline from the front and back both. It will give your upper body a symmetric look. Your shoulders will look in balance with the body. Also, it has puff sleeves till the edge. This will also give your arms a broad look. And will also balance the wide shoulders. The top is of short length and will look perfect with Lolita skirts.

Want to have it? Shop now by clicking on here. This top is available in white, light yellow, wine red, black, pink, and navy blue. Choose the color as per the design and color of your jeans or skirt.

Now let me tell you the all-time perfect dress for the triangular body. That is a lantern sleeves dress. This type of dresses has broader sleeves towards the bottom. It has double sleeves sometimes too. This style gives the arms a heavy look that balances the wide shoulders. Lantern type dresses are also broader at the bottom. Providing the whole body with a balanced look. See the picture below in which a smart lantern sleeves dress is given.

This cute ruffle collar classic Lolita lantern short sleeve dress is available in pink, red, and green colors. Choose your favorite color and click this link to order one now.

Next, are the Trumpet sleeve dresses. These dresses have skinny sleeves that get broader and broader after the elbow to the wrist. This style gives a smart look to the wide shoulders. Let’s have a look at a Trumpet sleeve dress below.

One word for this dress I want to say. Wow! Do you also want to have it now like me? It gives an excellent slimmer and balanced look to the whole body. It is also wider on the bottom with short length. So overall a must-have for wide shoulders. Grab it now by clicking this link.
Have a look at one other Trumpet sleeve dress. Ready for the surprise? See the picture below.

Can a Lolita woollen coat be so cool? Yes, it is. It is generally said that coats and jackets are not for wide shoulder ladies. Don't listen to the people who say so. This Trumpet sleeve coat is undoubtedly for you. It has broad sleeves which get wider downwards. Also, it is broader at the bottom. You know what I love most about it? It is the fur collar and the hat. Another perfect feature is the removable shawl. It is available in black, brown, pink, red wine, navy blue colors. Grab your favorite color coat for upcoming winter by clicking this link.

Last but not the least dressing option for wide shoulder ladies is the falling shoulder sleeve dresses. These dresses have long slim sleeves with a wide bottom after the waistline. This style enhances other body features except the wide shoulders. Plus you will have an original Lolita girl look. See the picture below to get an idea of how this dress type looks like.

One line for this dress from my side. Perfect Lolita dress for a beautiful wide shoulder lady. This dress is available in red blue and brown colors. My personal favorite is red, which is in the picture. What color will you choose? Want to tell us? Tell this by clicking the given link and ordering one.

I hope a wide shoulder lady will not be depressed any more if you read this article until now. Because I have given you so many Lolita dressing options to choose from. With that, I want to add something. Wear with confidence for whatever you like to wear. Wear whatever you like and whatever you are comfortable wearing. It’s about you and your body, not the people watching you. Be who you are and love the way you want yourself to be. Have a perfect dressed life!

July 19, 2019

BuildPlus+ and Megawatt: Build, Shop and Dine

BuildPlus+ is a build, shop & dine concept that offers the everyday and professional home & kitchen improvers who are looking for a unique & value for money construction & kitchen tools store, BuildPlus+ is the only retail hub that operates as a one-stop shop for different arrays of items ranging from quality tools, lighting fixtures & accessories to car care necessities and kitchen & homeware products.

What sets our concept apart from the other home hardware retailers is that we integrated 2 of the most frequent activities we all do--shopping & dining!

Under the same roof is our concept dining store: Megawatt -- Pizza & Steak, a powerplant inspired restaurant that offers succulent steaks as well as awesome pizzas, burgers, chickens and more! Among the go-to dishes are the Aged Porterhouse with Truffle Sea Salt, 12-Spiced Megawatt Boneless House Fried Chicken with Unli-Gravy on the side, and your choice among our different types of pizzas from Cracker Thins, to Hand-Tossed Dough to our croissant + pizza, Croizza!


We are also offering our diners an option to have a Keto upgrade on select meals and a special Keto-selection on the menu, such as the Crab Tomalley Shirataki Noodles where the noodles are made from Japanese konjac yam!



We also have a secret menu lying underneath each table consisting of: Chicharon Bulaklak, Ultimate Meat Platter, Pepperoni Pizza Burger, Duo Chicken Tots.

And oh, did we mention that #WeArePetFriendly? Yep, we'd love to see your fur-babies as well during your visit!

We are the official concept store in the area of INGCO brand of Power Tools & Equipment -- a renowned quality tools with European Standards. We carry the complete line of products of INGCO.
We also do carry some other brands including:
  • Extreme Brand of Tools & Equipment
  • Jr. Kawasaki Tools
  • Bosny Spray Paints & Hardware Products
  • FireStop - Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Meguiar's Car Care Products
  • CleanPRO / P&S / TAC - Car Care Chemicals & necessities
  • Kitchen Circle - Kitchenware necessities
  • FSL & Philip's Lighting
  • ROYU & Firefly Lighting Accessories
  • ONDOY boats - rescue & re-creational heavy duty plastic boats
  • Unique lighting fixtures. And many more!




BuildPlus+ - We opened last May 2019

Contact No.: (02)971-0389 ; 0917-182-7583
IG: @buildplusph
Address: 686 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena, Quezon City
Tags: #BuildPlusPH #MoreThanJustTools #BuildShopDine

Megawatt -- Pizza & Steak - We opened last May 2019
11AM TO 11PM

Contact No.: (02)971-0389 ; 0917-182-7583
Address: 686 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena, Quezon City
Tags: #MegawattPH #KzztKzzt #Pizza #Steak

DRIVING your own car?
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