PERSONAL | Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

The best way to find a way to his heart, on this Valentine's Day, is to give him what he really wants, must be something usable, as men seldom like decorative items. Give a Valentine’s gift that makes him feel how loved he truly is.

1. Watch - is like the male version of a string of pearls. 
2. Perfume - gift your man a set of his favorite fragrance. 
3. Shoes - Men love shoes more than women. 
4. Wine - give a gift that the two of you can share together. 
 5. Wallet - a best-of-its-kind leather wallet, do slide a photograph of the two of you in it. 
6. DVDs - movies are a perennial favorite for guys. 
7. Messenger Bag - is a perfect gift for the guy on the move. 
8. Aviator Sunglasses - are a popular choice among both women and men.

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