February 7, 2013

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

The best way to find a way to his heart, on this Valentine's Day, is to give him what he really wants, must be something usable, as men seldom like decorative items. Give a Valentine’s gift that makes him feel how loved he truly is.

1. Watch - is like the male version of a string of pearls. 
2. Perfume - gift your man a set of his favorite fragrance. 
3. Shoes - Men love shoes more than women. 
4. Wine - give a gift that the two of you can share together. 
 5. Wallet - a best-of-its-kind leather wallet, do slide a photograph of the two of you in it. 
6. DVDs - movies are a perennial favorite for guys. 
7. Messenger Bag - is a perfect gift for the guy on the move. 
8. Aviator Sunglasses - are a popular choice among both women and men.


  1. ah, my boy would love that watch! I think I'm doing D.I.Y. this year though :-)

  2. Great gift ideas :) I love your collage

  3. I need to get a wallet for my man ! good reminder dear !
    Btw, just created a facebook page and would love if we connect up there too!

  4. Love the ideas :) But the men in my country love food. My granny told me that if you want mto make a man happy , cook some yummy food for him haha.

    Aree With Umbrella

  5. I even love the messenger bag:) haha...thank for sharing this would be a great help this valentines:)

  6. Hello dear!! Thanks lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog! Of course I’ll be glad to follow each other! I’m already doing it on GFC. Wait for you!
    BTW great ideas for Saint Valentine's day!!


  7. That messanger bag is lovely.=) Great gift ideas.

  8. Thank you for such a lovely ideas!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. me encanta todo

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    un besin

  10. Great gift ideas!

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  11. great post!:) I really didn't know, what I'll buy for my boyfriend..and your post inspired me!:)

  12. Beautiful selection, love the watch and the bag is beautiful :)

  13. I love the watch! I'm taking the idea for my blog Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  14. For a man, Wallets are not just for carrying around some cash and cards. It’s a snapshot of a man’s live. Along with cash and cards, a man carries a picture of his loved one and children. For any active men, the wallet is something that is necessary.
    That’s why a Wallet is a Great Valentine Gift for Men!