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February 6, 2013

February 05, 2013, my father's first birthday in heaven. Like his previous birthday celebration, the whole family's complete, and there's a lot of food on the table. 
I know he's happy watching us from above with a big smile on his face but I'm still wishing he's beside us more than that. It must have been he's 60th birthday, and I should be grateful that I was lucky enough to have him for 31 years but I still feel cheated. I love him so much more than words could ever say.

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  1. Happy birthday to your father<3

    Such a sweet post~


  2. What a beautiful post! I think that your father is happy where he is;-) Nice to see you all together since <3

    You have great Ideas and a interesting blog, i really like it!
    what you think, wanna follow each other?
    I would be happy :-) Kisses Kira from Switzerland

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your father, especially since he was still young. Unfortunately, we have no power over the time we spend with the loved ones, that is why we must make every moment count. Happy birthday to your father! I think it is really nice that you celebrate it as a family.

  4. I follow you back :)

    Great blog :)
    Kiss my dear :*

  5. Happy birthday to your dad! I'm pretty sure he's watching over you from where he is!


  6. make your daddy proud by staying happy always:)

  7. Whoa, that was great! Remembering his Birthday in Heaven.

    Followed your blog, hope you can follow me too.


  8. Sad what happened to you father.
    You doing nicely as celebrate him.
    He would be proud of you.<3cute<3

  9. hope u're not sad because he is happy and is with you everytime even if you cant see him physically

  10. happy bithday to an angel that is watching over u for sure!

  11. Beautiful ! i sure he's proud of you


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