June 16, 2012

I Love You, Dad!

ANYONE CAN BE A FATHER, but it takes someone special to be a DADDY! Happy Father's Day to all the Daddys in the World!

Oh! Dad, I wanna let you know how much I care
My undying love is all that matter
In your huggable arms I’ll lay
To let you know I love you everyday.

I look up to you as my hero
In your unique ways; I learn to compromise
Your kindness always shows
You’re like an angel in disguise.

Though I may not always know
How to show that I care
I want to let you realize
I’ll always be there.

There’s something I want you to know
I’m writing this as my tears start to flow
I love you still
I love you now
I’ll love you forever…
…and that’s a vow


  1. thank you so much, I love your blog and of course I follow you back!!

  2. Good luck with the work!!
    Nice combo Julie and thanks for your words.kisses

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