LOOK | Hey, This is Me Being Cool!

My style depends on so many aspects, like my surroundings, which part of the day it is, and most importantly -- it’s based on my mood. The way I feel is essential when I get dressed in the morning stroll, afternoon meeting or for an evening out. I could sport a rock chick look or a swaggy style the one day and the other day wear something very feminine and sophisticated.

I believe that we don’t have to stick to one specific style, we’re allowed to mix things up a bit. I personally love to experiment as well.

When it comes to this look, my mood was definitely on the comfortable, swaggy side. To add just the right amount of sturdiness to the look, I decided to put on my hoody denim jacket with a touch of orange, which was exactly what it needed to translate my mood into an outfit.

Shoes: Converse


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