December 28, 2016

CocoWig: The Best Wigs for Women

Black hair is particularly common in people of Asia and others have dark brown hair. If they don't, they dyed it or is of mixed origin. I was naturally born with dark-brown hair, maybe because my grandmother is half-american. As a fashion blogger, I have permed and dyed my hair all kinds of colors because, next to outfit, hair is one of the first things we notice – like the color, and the hairstyle. I usually seek for hair colors that make me look rugged and sexy. I tried the auburn, caramel brown and light brown. I sometimes add gorgeous red highlights and ombre to create a multi-dimensional masterpiece.

With so many shades and coloring styles to choose from, all I wanted is to go blonde, but I was scared for some reason. The process from dark to light took a couple months. Coloring hair from one shade to another shade in the same color family (light brown to dark brown) will also be more forgiving and less damaging on our hair than going from a dark brown to a bleach blonde. Bleach is extremely harsh on our hair -- the harsh chemicals and strong ingredients may actually be doing more harm than good. Bleached hair will make our hair actually fall out, drying it out and making it feel like broom, it just makes hair very easily breakable and severely damaged.

Finally, while hair bleaching can damage your hair, using human hair wig is much more affordable and so much safer. I've been looking for the best hair extensions or wig online, and I'm so happy that I found the, best webstore that offer the best but cheap wigs for women in a great quality.

Having a human hair wig, I can restyle it like my own hair and I can choose any color that I want. They really had a large variety of human hair of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. How cool is that, huh?

Hey, look what I found... a hairstyle wig of Ashley Benson. I wanna rock this hair style on our New Year Eve's Party. Wish me luck! 😍


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  2. Wigs are definitely something I want to try. They sure save time when in a hurry to go somewhere. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  3. My wife has black hair as she's Asian. I've asked her if she ever wished to change it and she doesn't.

  4. I say that this color and cut is very pretty! can´t wait to see you
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  5. Yes, hair wings is a great way to try out different hairstyles and colors to see what you like best. That's a beautiful blonde.

  6. Muito boa a ideia, a peruca permite variar sem estragar os fios



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