January 26, 2014

Cool Bohemian

I have had this top for a while finally figured out the perfect shoe to pair with it. It makes me look a boho-chic in an instant. I'm not a boho type of girl, but in my opinion, every girl should try the bohemian style. Nothing is more alluring, fun and free-spirited than a printed skirt with fur vest, fringes, scarves, feathers, lots of leathers and natural stones.

Bohemian fashion style is influenced by every corners of the world. The look began in the 1960's creating a rich cocktail of casual style and ethnic along with vintage. Most of us know this trend all too well with frequent boho-wearers such as Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller strutting their stuff all over town.

The natural, long, often-braided hair is one of my favorite parts about it and something I will definitely want to rock! Although it’s not really my style to do full boho, I’m sure I can incorporate boho elements into my daily wardrobe!

Top: Pink Fashion | Scarf: Random Shop

Short: Jewels | Shoes: M+Y

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. I dear!!! It's so nice and cute your shirt^_^

  2. Hello from Spain, your shoes are very cool .. Great outfit. Keep in touch

  3. You look very pretty in that outfit love the images.

  4. Cool look. I am so in love with the shoes.

  5. So nice and beautiful blog ! Well done ! Anyway do u wanna follow each other ? If yes just follow me and let me know ! I will do the same as soon as possible :*

  6. you are so so goodd!!!!
    love you and your style my dear friend♥♥♥
    new post on my blog:)

  7. So amazing this bohemian inspiration!

  8. Oh I adore Bohemian--and--Girl, you are rocking it! Fabulous! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. Perfect style !
    Your blouse is fabulous, I want it ! :)