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Prom and homecoming are perhaps two of the most special occasions that we associate with our high school lives. Held in different junctures of our lives, both these events carry immense emotional significance for us. While prom marks our beautiful transition to adulthood, homecoming definitely presents a rare chance to relive our high school fun with friends, when we are already dealing with the challenges of adulthood. Both these occasions make for some wonderful memories to be cherished forever and thus it’s every girl dream to put the right foot forward, not only when it comes to make-up and hair, but dresses as well.

Now, choosing the right homecoming or a prom dress might seem a daunting task at the beginning- simply owing to the barrage of advice that you might come across before zeroing in on that perfect attire. You might have different opinions from different quarters (i.e. friends, parents, seniors) regarding the right fit, trends and suitability of these dresses. While your younger friends might love the idea of you sporting your royal homecoming gown with a string of embellishments including laces and ruffles, your parents might totally reject the idea and press for something more mature in the form a simple elegant robe. So what should you do? Who should you listen to?

The trick, here, would be to conduct some research and then zero in on the perfect dress. The most reliable resource to turn to, in this regard, would be the Internet. Whether you’re willing to learn about the perfect body type to sport your favorite homecoming dress or else are looking for the latest designs of prom dresses ruling the fashion front- a diligent online search would prove very helpful.

A very useful tip in this regard would be to choose a gown or a dress that suits your skin tone, age, body type and, of course, your personal style statement. A dress sported with visible discomfort would never be able to create the right impact; even it is perfectly compliant with your body type and skin tone.

If you’re interested in learning about the latest designs of homecoming and prom dresses then look no further. Here’s a lowdown on some of the most fashionable 2014 homecoming Dresses and 2014 prom dresses:
• Short embellished one shoulder or off shoulder dresses
• Strapless gowns with intricate neckline features
• Short experimental off shoulder patterned dresses
• Long jersey dresses teamed with a counter keyhole and beaded embellishments

The purchase of the right prom or homecoming dress when you are going back to school, is difficult as well. Walking in to a nearby fashion store might provide with several options. But one of the biggest drawbacks of availing the dress from an offline store is that you do not always get the newest trends here. Instead, the online stores offer much diverse options. Some of the biggest advantages of shopping for these dresses online are:
• They are cheaper, owing to the fierce competition
• Most of the times, these stores have a sling of promotions running so that you’re able to walk away with considerable discounts
• You’re able to get glimpse of what others have to say about the store in the form of reviews and blogs
• Once again, owing to the fierce competition these stores are always upgrading their stocks- so there are a number of new arrivals at your disposal

One of the most reliable online dress stores is

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