December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's New Year's Eve already?! It has been a really good year for me and it passed so quickly. I met so many amazing people, made new fantastic friends and got myself so many incredible memories and experiences. It seems like quite a good year with a lot of lessons learned. I know for sure that the next year is going to be even better. I couldn't be more excited about the new season, new clothes, new friends, more events and who knows, maybe a whole new chapter in my life and I can't wait for it to begin!

I wanted to take a moment to tell my readers and friends THANK YOU for making this a great year. You guys always made me want to push to the next level. In 2013, 142 countries viewed my blog ( – I find that statistic quite amazing. I will continue to post to my blog on a daily basis – I can only hope that you continue to read and enjoy what I post. It feels great knowing that you have successful people cheering you on. It really made a difference. I want to let everyone know that I read and appreciate every single email you write to me privately, every card and letter I get via snail mail, and every post or comment on social media. I don't always have time right away to answer, but I try to answer every email or letter I can. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am in this fashion world if it wasn't for all of you my readers, followers, friends and international sponsors.

My schedule is just as crazy going into 2014, but that's a good thing. I tip a big glass of champagne to you all, and again say THANK YOU so much! Muah. Muah! I LOVE YOU!


  1. Happy New Year may it be filled with happiness and success.

  2. Happy New Year my dear! I hope you have another great year and experience more amazing things! Lots love ♥

  3. So sweet !
    I wish you hapiness, love, health and sucess beauty :)