ADVERTISEMENT | Born Pretty Watch

This retro bracelet watch was immediate love when I opened the Born Pretty Store package the day before Christmas – the three layers leather straps with diamond and spikes were what convinced me I needed it, the detailing and style are also done really well and so unique. Born Pretty Store had so many watches to choose from and they're also selling nail arts, jewelries, accessories, apparels, contact lenses and many more. Just visit Born Pretty Store for lots of fun items, they ship worldwide for free and their prices are very affordable.

PS: A great perk for my readers is that you can use code JULIEAC10 at checkout to get 10% off any purchase in Born Pretty Store with no expiration date. Plus, coupon code JALC10 for 2$ off if you purchase the 10633 watch. It will be invalid in 03/03/2014.

Check out my next outfit post wearing this gorgeous watch, and look -- the box is so cute! :) You can find the same watch in this - LINK!

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