July 18, 2013

Antique Vacation 2: Down the River

Our second day in Antique was unexpectedly more relaxing with amazingly sunny and hot weather. We live in this beautiful area and enjoy the river quite often. It set in the middle of the mountains and the river flowing through it.

 We climb down to the river to take a bath.

We decide to relax for some time next to the river.

It is very soothing to sit on the stone banks of the river and enjoy the cool breeze from the river.

This is a "bobon" or a bathing hole. You can dig a small hole in the river rocks where the spring water comes out to have a clear water for your refreshing bath. Daily in the morning and afternoon there are many people who take bath here and enjoy the spring cold water. It is a worthwhile experience.

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. Gorgeous images and like the bath hole so different and interesting thank you for sharing you look great.

  2. these are wonderful photos. ^^, and you look so lovely. :D I really like your top.

    Our Sweet Wonderworld

  3. Hello from Spain, great pics. I like your summer outfit

  4. Wonderful photos, you are beautiful sweetie :)

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