July 16, 2013

Antique Vacation 1: Fun Journey

The month of May has gone by so quickly. After being back from the province of Antique over a month ago, I feel as though it is only now that I've finally had chance to blog about my vacation. Sorry (i'm slow).., blame it to my CRAZY long backlog.

Anyway, this is the first vacation I took with my mom, aunt and my kids. From Manila, we headed down to Batangas to catch the 2GO cruise to Caticlan that night. 2GO is the only ship that caters travelers direct to Batangas from Caticlan and vice versa. Our journey took 10 hours and the ship docked at Caticlan Pier. From Caticlan, Bugasong, Antique is about 3-4 hours bus drive away. Such a long and fun journey.

We took this shot just as the sun was setting for the day.

I woke up with the rising sun and I didn't want to miss such a difficult moment to catch. Rather than staying on my cabin, I spent several wonderful hours  in this area at the front of the ship where I can enjoy the sun. Caticlan  made me feel so happy, seing the sea and the gorgeous skies and mountains made of green tress was memorable.

The Boracay Island.

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. looks like a great way to start a vacation

  2. Great pics :D Love your tshirt ^^



  3. Beautiful-' its so great when you go on a trip you will never forget thanks for sharing sweetie.

  4. I love your top!!! Really cute. :) xx



  5. Great photos. And oh, I have the same shorts. Just sharin :)

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  8. Hi Julie Ann !! thanks for your lovely comment!
    I love your shorts, amazing pics on a nice blog!!
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  9. Thank you very much ! :)
    This photoshoot was taken in a place not very far to my home ( living in paris region ^_^ )

    Your pictures of your vacation are so beautiful :D
    I want to ask you, I looove your hair do you put some products to have your hair so thick ?

    See ya :D


  10. Fabulous ! Enjoy your travel !
    Adorable short :)

  11. when it's blue, it's fun :D I miss the sea :) It was indeed a beautiful vacation. :D