June 29, 2013

BFF Reunited Part 1

Seeing the face of my dear friend/college classmate/BFF after being separated for many years is an exciting feeling. You know how it feels when you've missed them. And then you see each other and memories come rushing back. Good times.

I live in Manila and Malou lives in Pampanga, she lives two hours away from me, we only talk on Facebook and sometimes were too busy to come into contact with each other. Janet lives with her husband in the US and she barely has time to facebook. One day, Malou texted me that Janet was here in the Philippines for a one week vacation and she's invited us for a Japanese dinner at Saisaki. So, that's perfectly good excuse to leave my work early. For my outfit, click HERE.

with my BFF: Janet and Malou
We fall into our old conversations easily and our comfort levels are still the same - somehow grew with distance but became more mature. 

After our dinner, we headed to Cowboy Grill in Malate for a live band, drink and dance. Ahh... what a fun night!

Me, Malou, Janet and her beautiful sister Juliet!
Thanks for the treat Ate Juliet! :)

BFF Reunited Part 2


  1. aw i miss my best friend. she lives in bulacan na and we rarely see each other. its nice to always find time to meet friends :)

  2. it's great to see old friends

  3. I don't know why, but your first picture is fantastic.


  4. awww how sweet :)

  5. Lovely, joyful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  6. Aww. How sweet. Makes me miss my high school BFFs :(