June 24, 2013


Have you ever heard of the online shopping site called Shopbevel?
Well, Shopbevel is a fantastic website because of the vast amount of jewelry available in a very affordable prices. You should visit their site if you're in search of a special piece of jewelry or best jewelry design. They offers jewelry from dozens of wonderful designers. They also seem to be adding new products all the time.

If you ever wanted to make a career out of your passion for making jewelry, Shopbevel are always looking for unique handmade jewelry to sell in their store. You can submit your designs to them as well. Sounds great, huh!

I've got great news for you, Shopbevel is offering a 25% discount to all my lovely readers. To take advantage of the offer, BUY NOW and type BBSTUDS in the Coupon Code field.
HURRY offer expires July 31, 2013.

Here's my top five favorite designs at Shopbevel. What's yours?


Lemon Zest - Buy HERE

Dusk Blue Bib - Buy HERE

Blue Iridescent Fringe Necklace - Buy HERE

Edgy Rhinestone Rib Necklace - Buy HERE

At Shopbevel, They believe that every jewelry designers should have the opportunity to be discovered and they work to create a community to make that possible. Like them on Facebook HERE.

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  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful jewelry. I will visit this page. Keep in touch

  2. I should check out this store:)


  3. oh too bad its not from my country. or is it? shipping would be better if it was here.

  4. Oh that Blush Linen Bib looks so so pretty! Will definitely check the store out! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Also, I'd just like to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! It would be wonderful if you could have a look on my blog via the link below! :)
    Much Love, Minni xx

  5. wow I've never heard about this shop before.. their page look fantastic! :) great tip!


  6. those are gorgeous necklaces! big chunky statement necklaces are so trendy right now. thanks alot for sharing :)

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  7. Never heard of this shop, but wow - the neon punk necklace is AMAZING!

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    Have a nice day :** <3

  9. Oh really cute and lovely jewerly!


  10. love this necklaces dear
    happy day

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