May 31, 2013

Superbklean Magnetic Sanitary Napkin

Thank you guys for all your comments on my previous post HERE, I really appreciate it. I got so many compliments on my appearance and I'm so happy with those photos, which in fact I have my period that day. 
I usually feel disgusting, uncomfortable and I don't feel clean during my period that's why it really affects my appearance. I know it's completely normal but there's some things you can to do have a more worry-free period. Check the steps below:

1. Exercise can help to lessen the pain of cramps.

2. Fruits, vegetables and whole foods are your friends always, but especially during menstruation. 

3. Drink a lot of water.

4. Wear very comfortable clothes during your period.

5. Change your pad/panty liner/tampon regularly.

- An innovative Sanitary Napkin which could help to solve female problems of skin irritation, tiredness, itching and swollen vulva, cervicitis or vaginitis, distending pain in lower abdomen, headache, abdominal pain or edema during periods. It has 5 Key Features: Safe, Comfortable, Super Effective Absorption For Permanent Dryness, Air Permeable and Healthy. 

6. Make sure you know what type of product maintains your flow best. 

Soft Care (For heavy flow or night use)
It is the protection you can count on during your heavy flow.

 Soft care (Day use)
It is the best napkin I have ever tried. It's unscented but it will keep you feeling and smelling fresh. 

 Soft care (For light flow)
Perfect for light to moderate flow. This pad is the best for comfort and absorbency.

Cotton panty liner (For daily care)
It is a great way to keep you feeling clean and fresh and they are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing one.

In Superbklean Magnetic Sanitary Napkin, you feel clean and fresh all day. It helps you to feel good inside and this shows outside, making you feel at your best. Your external looks are influenced by your internal states.


Watch the video below: