TASTY TREAT | Tokyo Tokyo

Just like always, having dinner with my girls. We decided on Japanese food this time and we went to Tokyo Tokyo, it has been the leading Japanese fast food restaurant in the Philippines for several years already. Tokyo Tokyo is known for serving Japanese dishes with free rice refill, a promotion called eat-all-you-kanin (Eat all the rice you can). For those who love teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki etc, you may want to visit Tokyo Tokyo.

California Maki - P55.00

Honey Chicken Teriyaki - P115.00

Beef Teriyaki - P135.00

Beef Sukiyakidon - P85.00

Pork Katsudon - P85.00

It's last week of January, yet the restaurant still has Christmas tree up. Why not, hey? It adds to the joyful atmosphere even more. :) About this outfit, check my previous post HERE!

Click HERE for more photos!

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