Monday, February 11, 2013

TASTY TREAT | Tokyo Tokyo

Just like always, having dinner with my girls. We decided on Japanese food this time and we went to Tokyo Tokyo, it has been the leading Japanese fast food restaurant in the Philippines for several years already. Tokyo Tokyo is known for serving Japanese dishes with free rice refill, a promotion called eat-all-you-kanin (Eat all the rice you can). For those who love teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki etc, you may want to visit Tokyo Tokyo.

California Maki - P55.00

Honey Chicken Teriyaki - P115.00

Beef Teriyaki - P135.00

Beef Sukiyakidon - P85.00

Pork Katsudon - P85.00

It's last week of January, yet the restaurant still has Christmas tree up. Why not, hey? It adds to the joyful atmosphere even more. :) About this outfit, check my previous post HERE!

Click HERE for more photos!


Lara Takahashi said...

Oh nom nom I want sushi <3 <3 <3
x, Lara

Marie Zamboli said...

lovely post and blog honey <3 maybe we could follow each other from GFC and bloglovin also? let me know <3
New post is up on my blog

La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

beautiful pictures!:)

La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

beautiful pictures!:)

Anonymous said...

Free rice refills?! That's amazing! Food looks so delicious. :)

Zane Saria said...

Hi sis, I love tokyo tokyo too! I worked there before and it was an amazing experience :-) All the foods are super delicious.,.. Hmm, miss beef misono :-)

ღღČяїstinEεїз said...

cute!!!!! I love Maki!!!!!!!!!

xiupau said...

I miss eating at Tokyo Tokyo (; A ;)
delicious photos!! (> w <)

Delia. said...

beautiful girls and the food looks so yumii
kisses dear :*

Keit said...

MMmmmm sushiiii!!!! <3
I tried making sushi at home was a disaster :D

Valentina said...

looooooove sushi!

Jane Jacquelie P. Vestil said...

I love Japanese food and wow, the California Maki only costs 55 pesos. I wish there would be a Tokyo Tokyo branch in Cebu soon.

xoxo, Geek Gone Girly

aree1997 said...

Yummy. I never tried Japanese food but I love Chinese food!
Aree With Umbrella

Caro * said...

Delicious food, I love Maki ! :)

Nowak said...

great post dear... nice shots, delicious food and great look!

N@NY said...

you look adorable in these colors , love it ,

am following you now , wanna follow back ?

Come by & check my latest ( shopping haul ) :-

GagCloud said...

Beautiful pics :)
Would you like to follow each other via GFC or more? :)
Let me know :)


Sylvia said...

My goodness! I'm so hungry right now. That food looks so tasty :)


Kashaya said...

That looks really yummy!

Filip and Kristel said...


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Jessica Kim said...

MMM.... your food looks so delicious. ^.^ I really like your outfit - the vest is realllly cute.

Cyron Agustin said...

le food.. *drooling*

Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

soooo yummy!! now i'm craving for Japanese food. hehe. great photos!

I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

Ishna said...

Tokyo Tokyo is my go to affordable Japanese resto! The photos look really appetizing!

Antee Gurung said...

wow the food looks grt!!! i love chinese food aswell..u look grt

btw do check out my NEW POST
Stay in touch

Ileana said...

This looks sooo delciious!
And that vest is fantastic :D

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