PERSONAL | My Christmas Wishlist

It's Christmas time, I thought I would share some of my "Christmas Wishlist" for Santa this year. And if someone wants to secretly send some of these to me, I wouldn't complain. :)

1. This bright pink blazer is from Hugo, it's quite expensive so anything similar to this is okay.
2. I'm getting tired of my iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 is soooo much better than iPhone especially the camera quality. 
3. Black full skater skirt - so cool!
4. Any pink lipstick but this perfect pink lipstick is from Topshop by Louise Gray.
5. My ever favorite Jeffrey Campbell Lita with spike. 
6. TeenVogue Magazine September 2012 Issue with Selena Gomez on the cover, I've been looking for this since forever, she's my girl crush. 
7. My Lacoste Joy of Pink Perfume is almost empty, I still want one.
8. I really like this funky all-over spike cap from Romwe. 

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