Saturday, December 22, 2012

GOODIES | New Purchased

Some new and very colorful items in my wardrobe. The weather is getting warmer and so some new things for a hot days were needed.

You will be seeing them very soon in my next outfit posts and there's some stuff you probably already saw on my previous post. Well, come and have the first peep.

Green and yellow belt with "H" buckle.
Ombre Cap and neon tees and shirts.
Short in my three favorite color from Zap'd  @SM Department Store
A book written by Lawrence Donegan. 
More belt from different fashion boutiques.
NEXT Jeans denim jackets! Can't wait to wear them!
White and orange tops!
Nude pumps with color-block heels! How cool is that?
Another one from Primadonna! It's quite high, yay!


Claudia e Cosetta said...

Nice things!!
two sisters ... one attitude

Amara said...

YEAH!!! I love all these colourfull things!!! =)

Keit said...

Wow! Rainbow girl ^_^ Cant wait to see you with the baseball cap

Pettit Mom said...

wow, thats awesome stuff. all is bright.

Ileana said...

Love the shorts! The shades are beautiful!
Great purchases :D

Psycho Cat said...

Love your new shoes <3

EV said...

Love the 'H' belts ^.~

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Ishna said...

So many colorful stuff!!

I love your pumps the most!

Little K. said...

Thanks for your comment dear, hope you will continue visiting and early happy xmas!

little K.

jeniffer said...

Wow It looks all nice.. especially the shoes.. I can't manage to weir such those high heels.. lol.. But it really looks good on you... Merry Christmas.. Would you like to join my contest? and win some cool clothes, domains and accessories..

La Petite Frenchie said...

I love it all: the shoes are perfect! ;)

Ell said...

Oh,very nice clothes!♥

Ell :*

Helena Natanael said...

I looooovvvveeeee your colorful belts! oh dear I think you've got your shopping spree! :D
love the ankle boots too, so amazing <3

Calily Caline said...

I love the tops and the shoes!! Though I dont wear heels often because i'm already tall xD

MateaTPol said...

Great colorfull new stuff!

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