November 19, 2012 Gathering

I've been invited to join Gathering last week, November 15, at Eastwood Central Plaza. The event was a blast and hosted by Jessica Mendoza, Tyler Ramos and Lourd De Veyra. We got really tired after those beeline for activity booths (face paint, photobooth, sulit hoops), but we had so much fun communicating with other Sulitizens.

 There's were also live bands like UP Dharma Down, Yolanda Moon, Hidden Nikki and Maude to entertain us as we are busy in our activities to complete for our chance to win iPhone 5 and iPad.

Oh, by the way, I'll post my whole outfit on my next post.

We had a pleasant unlimited ice cream and beer. Haha

My face paint, so cute, eh?

Apple's paint

Oh, we had unlimited pop corn also!

Too bad, I didn't win!
Click HERE for more photos!