LOOK | Sunkist Orange

SUMMER makes me happy because I don’t have to feel weird when I wear bright colorful outfits. I love this color combination of royal blue and sunkist orange with black and white polka dots as a details, also the orange nail polish and pink lips to finish the whole look.

Ahh, It's been a long hot summer, means... more bright colors to go. I absolutely love summer but It’s hard to be in a good mood every day when it’s so hot outside and there is nothing you can do to stay cool. I wish the rain would come tomorrow and wash away the dessert heat.

Just showing you my orange nail polish in ala Lady Gaga pose. 

Top – Chic Avenue
Skirt – Handmade by my mom
Shoes – Korean Shop
Photographer Raphael Sta.Maria
Location – CCP Complex

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