LOOK | Nautical Stripe

ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR summer choice for fashion-forward women all around the world, is a nautical stripes. You can never go wrong with this print, especially during summer. Nautical stripes are one of the most minimalist of patterns, and look great combined with anything and always so eye-catching. Bright orange, green and yellow can always make nautical stripes feel fresh.

This Nautical Stripe dress is from my sponsor HIP CANDY, you can buy it to theme by clicking HERE. It's very cheap but the overall look can still feel stylish and expensive. My shoes is from a Korean Shop, and one of my favorite shoes to date.

DressHip Candy
Accessories – Welmanson
Shoes – Fashion Korea
Photographer Raphael Sta.Maria
Location – Baywalk, Roxas Blvd.

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