PERSONAL | My Perfect Valentine

I RECEIVED THE BEST Valentines Day present ever. My husband surprised me by bringing flowers for Valentines Day at the shop. I'm so happy, so I kissed him right away and I totally forgot that there were people around us. haha! He always had a way of surprising me with roses since we're together. He knew how much I love pink flowers. I felt the excitement, outside the shop is so festive, flowers, balloons and gifts everywhere. There's a lot of young students - couples, holding hands, ladies bringing stuff toys, red balloons and flowers. But for me, I got the most beautiful flowers around! :)

Soo, we celebrated our Valentine date the next day, February 15, as I've said here. My husband and I pampered ourselves with a six hours spa/whole body massage for two at Wensha Spa to escape from the daily work routine. Wensha Spa is the only 24-hour Spa in the CCP area and the most affordable regular spas in the metro. I'll tell you more about Wensha Spa some other time!

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