LOOK | Field of Flowers

I'VE GOT A LOT of questions about floral dresses that I have worn a lot in my previous outfit posts. Well, one of the thing I can’t avoid wearing are dresses, especially if floral ones. From the last year I continued buying them and I wear them all the time, playing with colorful shoes. I can't remember exactly how many floral dresses I have, but my wardrobe consists entirely of floral dresses and floral tops. I think 60% dresses, so definitely more dresses and less jeans and tops! And this dress that I'm wearing is my favorite, I love the color so much, so bright and full of life!

So, guys, what does your wardrobe consist of?

Floral Dress - YBF2
Sandals - Thrift Shop
Photographer - Richard Camba
Location - Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife, Quezon City

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