Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOOK | Field of Flowers

I'VE GOT A LOT of questions about floral dresses that I have worn a lot in my previous outfit posts. Well, one of the thing I can’t avoid wearing are dresses, especially if floral ones. From the last year I continued buying them and I wear them all the time, playing with colorful shoes. I can't remember exactly how many floral dresses I have, but my wardrobe consists entirely of floral dresses and floral tops. I think 60% dresses, so definitely more dresses and less jeans and tops! And this dress that I'm wearing is my favorite, I love the color so much, so bright and full of life!

So, guys, what does your wardrobe consist of?

Floral Dress - YBF2
Sandals - Thrift Shop
Photographer - Richard Camba
Location - Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife, Quezon City

Click HERE for more photos!


Anonymous said...

yeah, floral print dresses and you=adorable and full of win.

Zoe's Inspirations said...

cute dress

X Zoe X

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

This is such a pretty dress!!!
Great photos!!!

Mai Yang said...

it lightens up the mood of the beholder :)

plus..it looks really good on you :)

lucylu. said...

Floral dresses suit you!:)

My wardrobe consists of too much. haha need to cut down. x


Bravoe Runway said...

Since I am a lot older than you...I have a lot more professional clothes. Some fun dresses like this, and cocktail attire :)

AVE-MARIA said...

thank you for your sweet comment on my blog
I like your flower dress
ift you want we can follow each other
sweet greetings


Peiyinn said...

That's cute floral dress! I have floral dress but I keeping it in my wardrobe. Lol. :D

Festy said...

Great post!
Have a nice day!

Chyrel Gomez said...

i don't really have a lot of floral tops or shorts and it's mostly plain shirts and what have you. but i really do want to buy me some floral shorts.

Mary M. said...

Dweetest dress on the sweetest girl :) Thanks for always lightening up my day and always being there on TeenFashionDiary!

Kisses and hugs,

Mary M. x

Mary M. said...


Noeh said...

hey gorgeous!
so pink. love it. reminds me always of my nieces. very adorable.
i can see that you are a happy person.. keep it up!

following your blog now..
hope you check and follow my blog too..

stay fabulous and spread LOVE!

fashion meets art said...

thanks so much for your lovely words! i like your blog and your style- so i'm following you now. follow back? have a nice day and please check out my new post. lovely greets- maren anita


Sandra said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, your dress is really cute! :)


Sandra Leiva said...

That's a cute dress and you look great, love the background <3

Indistinctive Writer said...

nice blog! very good quality of photos... btw... thanks for making me feel 'a hundred times prettier' ^_* shh~ you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! : ) Great outfit! I LOVE your shoes! : ))

Mind following us? We'll sure follow you back!

lisa signorini said...

have a wonderful day!


lisa signorini said...

have a wonderful day!


piapia said...

i love the floral dress :) nice post, dear

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you! : ) We follow you now too.


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

this dress make you so feminime

Marella said...

Looooove the dress!

Chunny said...

My wardrobe is more on vintage clothing. I love laced clothes. =) Lovely dress you have there.

Anonymous said...

Amazing posts and blog!
You look great...
xoxo - ron

Emmanuella said...

Your floral dresses are always awesome, I especially love this one too you look so pretty :)

Janelle Moran said...

i noticed that ur into florals... nice dress, btw... red looks great... :D

Janelle Moran said...

the black shih tzu looks like my dog. hahah
nice jacket, btw... :D

Jane Reggievia said...

OMG Jul, I love this flower pattern, it's red and you look so very pretty in it <3
well, I love dress too but I don't have much, I'm more casual outfits person such like jeans and shirts, haha! have a great Friday (:


Megha said...

floral print dress is really nice

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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