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August 30, 2011

I CAN REMEMBER the first time we met, I simply knew her as SUMMERGIRL. We both chatters of and I first saw her at Kuya Danny’s (DARKEN) Cafe... but have no idea how that instance turned into a friendship.

(L-R: Ezra - SUMMERGIRL, Lyka - PRETTY MARIA, Julie Ann - CutestPrincess)
Mini-Eyeball at Surf and Dine Cafe, July 06, 2001
She’s very bubbly, pretty, smart and such a good friend. We have something in common; we both love to partying out late and gimmicks. We really love to dance... and we were GOOD, I must say. We were one of the best in the group, haha! It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. I miss it.

(me and Ezra with Alamakerz batch 2001)
Mini-Eyeball at Surf and Dine Cafe, July 11, 2001

(L-R: SUMMERGIRL, Mickey blue eyes, CutestPrincess)
Fellowship w/ the Kings at Gutsons September 21, 2001

We go through way back since we were in 3rd year College and then stopped seeing each other when I left Manila. After a year, I found out that she's married to our co-Alamakers, and she seems so genuinely happy. We have met again at her son’s 1st birthday party last year and at her daughter’s 7th birthday party last March.

(clockwise: me, ezra, jenny, jenna, steven, stacey)
Arioch's 1st birthday, August 15,2010

(me, ezra, arioch)
Achish 7th birtday, March 27, 2011)
The last time we bonded was when I visit her the night before she leaves the country. She was migrated by her husband along with her kids to US.

(L-R: ezra, leah, me)
Ezra's residence, April 23, 2011

"Hey girl, we still haven't hung out. What's up with that?"... Hmmm, well, I'm gonna miss you, Ezra. Take care of yourself and your family always... till we meet again. :)

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  1. love your floral dress!

  2. now post, love ur dress ;D

    see all of my pictures now if u want


  3. nice to stay with friends

    ciao ave

    come for a visit, and if you lik sign as follower

    ...I'll do back


  4. lovely post!!!
    have a great day!

  5. that is a great dress. looks like you had fun. :)

  6. I know from experience that it's always hard to say goodbye to people you've been friends with forever. Hopefully you'll meet again in the future :)

  7. Nice post. Nice to hang out with friends :)

  8. your blog is soo cute:) love the floral dress!


  9. ciao, thanks for following !!!!
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  10. Nice post! Amazing pictures :-)! You must be having a good time!

    Thanks for the comment! Yes you should, indeed! These cards are useful anytime!

  11. Such great photos!!!!
    Friends are the best!!! :-)
    You have a beautiful smile!!!!
    Hope you're having a fabulous week!!!

  12. Loving the dress.. It's hard to say goodbye i know how you feel dear

    MiMi xx
    Make-up Overdose

  13. Nice photos dear!!

  14. Nice photos dear!!

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  16. oh! don't'll see her again :)


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