Sunday, July 24, 2011

LOOK | I Just Smile When It Feels Like Cryin'

JUST ANOTHER one Sunday of August 2010, strolling in the park with my khaki jumpshort is such a good idea. It's very comfy... I could easily run to catch a butterfly in these. This park is somewhere in Quezon City again and it's called La Mesa Eco Park. That's the beauty of Quezon City, there's an art and nature park everywhere.

I know it's kinda late to post these photos, lol!, I just wanted to reminisce the good old times and compile them all in this blog.

Jumpshort - Random Shop
Flat Sandals - Random Shop
Accessories - DIY
Photographer - Apple Datul
Location - La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City

Click HERE for more photos!


t said...

Nice outfit!

Eranda Janku said...

hey, lovely pictures !
thanks for the comment !
following you back !


Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

Hello sweetie! thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet words! Your pics are adorable and I love your blog's tittle! Sure I'd love to follow each-other! I'm following, follow me back?:
xoxo Kiki

Zoe's Inspirations said...

ok lets follow eachother! I'm following you now

X Zoe X

ching said...

that car is wicked. and you look great.
wow nice to see a filipino blogger around. HI

Marianna said...

I just found your blog!
It's really cute, I like it!
Wanna follow each other?
I'll follow you now!

Harija said...

cute outfit and love the overalls!

Danii said...

Pretty girl! your outfit is very cute. Great blog :)

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