July 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

I AM NOT really the kind of person who wears jeans and jacket, but the early morning rain forced me to do so. I paired the jeans with wide-striped pink top that I wear too many times when I go out for grocery shopping.

Praise God! 12 O'clock on the dot... the rain stop and we were able to hang out inside the Avilon Zoo without hassle.

Okay guys, I want you to meet my friend "Trixie the Chimpanzee". Haha, she's into fashion also and really love pictures!

Now, on to my pretty boring outfit...I wasn't feeling very creative that morning and honestly just wanted to be comfortable. There's still has 2 boring outfit on my Lookbook page, so, forgive me... two more boring outfit to go for this blog, huh! I just wanted to clean out my photo folders! Then, I'll try to be more creative because this blog is all about fashion.

Top - Random Shop
Denim Pants - NCCC
Blue Jacket - Yi Qian from MY SHOP
Pink Sandals - Random Shop
Photographer - Stacey Audrey Sta.Maria
Location - Yab Design/Avilon Zoo/Fot Santiago

Click HERE for more photos!