June 17, 2011

Korean Fashion Style: Lovely Bra Sling Dress

(L-R: The model & Me)

SINCE I REALLY LOVE DRESSES, I wore this Lovely Bra Sling Dress---- light-purle that I bought online through Korean online shop. It looks a little short to the model, maybe she's taller than me. :) It is also available in orange and blue.

'Twas the first time I bought online and I'm so happy that my goods were delivered on time and in perfect condition. So, I include this item on my online shop. If you want the same style, just log on to PinkFashionOnline to find awesome stuffs that you can wear for all season.
Lovely Bra Sling Dress---- light-purle (M10032509-2) @PHP:620.00/US$:17.00
"Korean fashion statement is making their mark on the world's fashion house because of the increasing popularity of Korean celebrities in the eyes of the world. I would like to share my favorite Korean clothing with all of you Korean fashion lovers out there."

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