June 13, 2011

I Found my Perfect Pink Lipstick

IT'S NO SECRET that my favorite color is pink. I love everything about the color and I’m pretty excited when I saw some of the most fashionable celebrities wearing hot pink lipstick. Hot pink is a such a modern but feminine color. Hot pink lipstick inspired by no other than the sexy Barbie.

I've been purchasing a lot of lipsticks lately, the reason mainly because I was just trying to find good lipsticks that work very well with my fair complexion. After many trials and mostly tribulations trying to find the perfect pink lipstick, I think I have met my match. After trying tube after tube of Barbie pinks, I made an impulse buy at HBC last week, San-San “Shimmer Lipstick 01”. Super girly but also super sexy.

Finally, the search is over! Haha...

Here is the results:

That is me in my pink lipstick.

(L-R SanSan Glossy 03, SanSan Shimmer 01, SanSan Shimmer 05)

I love everything about this lipstick, the color, the formula, texture, EVERYTHING! The color is very creamy yet opaque at the same time. Plus, it's very affordable too!

Pink lips can be so sexy when worn the right way. If you have a dark complexion. Avoid wearing bright colors on your eyes. You should have a very soft and natural eye. If you have fair or very light skin, you can always wear pink/purple but wear them very softly.

Pink lipstick on dark skin: Rihanna

Who says that dark skinned women cannot wear hot pink shades? Rihanna recently pictured wearing hot pink lipstick. I really like this color on her.

Pink lipstick on pale skin: Taylor Swift

I love how the pink/nude lipstick looks on Taylor Swift. It makes her look more like a girly-girl or a princess.

Anyway, Kris Aquino was the endorser of San-San Cosmetics. I find her to be a very effective product endorser — whether for food, clothes, beauty products and everything else that she endorses in her advertisements. She’s very convincing, because people can see how good she looks, and how well she takes care of her health and her beauty.

San-San “Shimmer Lipstick 01” Price: PHP135.00
San San is exclusively sold at HBC


  1. hey dear,,,just found ur blog and it impress me as well...gorgeous pallete lipstick
    btw mabbe we can follow each other??hope u like to do it

  2. I <3 the shade. I don't use a lot of lipstick though. I'm more of a lip sheener kind'a gal. :)

    Rizza (beingwell)

  3. I only found "hydrating color dew" instead of shimmer 01