July 15, 2023

My Thoughts about Miss Supranational 2023 Winners


The Miss Supranational 2023 contest took place last night, 14  July 2023 at Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland. However, a lot of Filipino audience disappointed when Miss Philippines didn't get the crown. As they said... she really delivered the best answer perfectly than Miss Ecuador who won Miss Supranational 2023.

The host underlined "This is not about giving the perfect answer, this is about AUTHENTICITY!" 

So, the way they would answer the question won't matter as much as the authenticity of what they will stand for. 

I just wanna show to others that not everyone is stiff in sticking to just one point of view. 

Ms. Ecuador Andrea Aguilera answered the question in a not so perfect way but on point, specific, action-oriented and with the job role objectives. We need to understand that Ecuadorians are not good in English unlike Filipinos. That’s why she can’t construct a perfect grammar and can’t explain fully what’s in her heart but the judges understand her point. A lot of people are saying that she did not actually answered the question, but if you have a deeper understanding you tend to see things from different points of view and you will know that she really did answer the question. For her, what makes a great ambassadors for the organization?” are (1) CARRYING THE LEGACY of Miss Supranational if she’ll travelling the world (2) HAVING A FOUNDATION [she will start her own foundation for single moms to find employment] (3) CONTINUING HELPING PEOPLE thru her career as a doctor even after her reign [studying medicine by my own funds, become a doctor, and continue helping people.]

The way she speaks, her performance and sexiness especially in swimsuit competition was outstanding. Her vibe is so contagious that's why she attracted the panel of judges with her energy. 

Miss Philippines Pauline Amelinckx delivered the answer perfectly but not as authentic as to what Ms. Ecuador’s answer. Her answered to “what makes a great ambassadors for the organization” is to have (1) DEDICATION and she explained what dedication is for her. [And she has to be someone who will (2) BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.] And in her last sentence [we are now gathered here on this stage transcending our own borders, bringing nations together] is a typical beauty pageant line. I'm a pageant watcher since I was 10, so I knew that it is a constructed sentence and have been used by some beauty queen candidates in a Q & A portion. 

Also, her performance in the swimsuit competition doesn’t match the vibe of the lively background music maybe because she was hesitating with her movement because she was being shamed for her weight a lot of times. She was one of the most beautiful faces among the candidates except her physique. Judges usually give higher scores to contestants who look physically fit. 

Criteria: Beauty of Face, Beauty of Figure, Poise & Personality, and Intelligence 

A beauty pageant is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, not a surprise as this is primarily a ‘beauty contest’ except to Miss Universe where 60% of their scores are taken from close-door interviews. 

Though Ms. Ecuador can’t explain fully what’s in her heart, the judges find in their heart her side of things. They choose her because she has potential and she deserves it like the other candidates. She has proven herself in this role. She's pageant veteran at a very young age, who has crowned five beauty pageant titles in her country and in 2021, she represented Ecuador at Miss Grand International at Thailand where she won first runner-up after Miss Vietnam was hailed the winner. As a believer in education, she provided 1,200 scholarships to low-income children. She also assisted with approximately 25 extreme diseases and poverty cases.

It takes weeks for the organization to choose the winner. It doesn’t take one night, one dress or one answer. Let's all stop looking down other countries and be supportive. Let’s not steal this moment of Pauline Amelinckx enjoying her win, because 1st runner up is worth celebrating for.

We must remind ourselves that we live in an already harsh world, and me… and you… don’t need to be another addition to toxic people who boils over on socmed in a form of cruel and gutter language to bring down our favorites’ rival. Because of socmed, the Filipino’s cruel side has been exposed, and the sad part is, we just don’t clash with other people from other countries. We also duel online, exchanging harsh, unprintable words, with fellow Filipinos that’s why some foreigners called us as “The most toxic pageant fans in the world”. We are responsible for the things we post online and those things can both directly and indirectly affect our country. 

As we became a beauty pageant powerhouse country we should also be known as a powerhouse of friendly people by spreading positivity and kindness on the Internet. Be a good sport because in every competition we can’t always win. We should learn to accept a loss without whining, be careful not to dwell fully on the negatives especially on the world wide web and congratulate the winner. Remember that hospitality is deeply ingrained in our culture; it’s also our way of life that reflects the warmth and kindness of the Filipino. Please don’t lose our sense of decency, our moral compass and our reputation as the most hospitable people in the world.

Here are the list of winners for Miss Supranational 2023
Miss Supranational 2023: Andrea Aguilera (Ecuador)
1st Runner-up: Pauline Amelinckx (Philippines)
2nd Runner-up: Sancler Frantz (Brazil) 
3rd Runner-up: Emma Rose Collingridge (United Kingdom) 
4th runner-up: Ngân Ðang Thanh (Vietnam)

Special Awards: 
Miss Photogenic: El Salvador 
Miss Congeniality: South Africa 
Miss Talent: South Korea 
Best National Costume: Thailand 
Contestants' Choice: Curacao 
Supra Chat Winner: Philippines 
Supra Model of the Year: Zimbabwe 
Miss Influencer: Brazil 
Continental Ambassador (Africa): Zimbabwe 
Continental Ambassador (Asia): India 
Continental Ambassador (Americas): Peru 
Continental Ambassador (Caribbean): Curacao 
Continental Ambassador (Europe): Gibraltar

Miss Supranational is one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world that highlights glamour, fashion, and natural beauty.

Tell me on the comment section your thoughts about this. 


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    I like to watch competitions and awards, and I frequently get angry with the choices, it's rare when they choose someone really ideal.


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  22. The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is so common that it is almost a cliché, but for the most part it is true. If I had been one of the judges I probably would have voted for Miss Philippines (I think she should have won), but the process of deciding would probably have been difficult for me. There are so many subjective things to consider. All of these Miss Supranational 2023 contestants looked very beautiful and spoke of having very admirable wishes and goals.


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