January 9, 2023

Hello 2023

The New Year tiptoed in as silently as feather in the wind last week, barely daring to disturb out of the normal parameters of life. I've found myself incapable of making resolutions this year, not just because the world is still holding it's breath, but because recent years have taught me that every month, every day, every hour and every breath is a new beginning. I'll take advantage of them all. Wishing is not my thing anymore, because I'm a strong believer that you get what you work for and not what you wish for. 

Instead, I simply enjoying the magic of the season, take each day as it comes, free myself from the toxicity of social media, taking up unnecessary space in my life, push my creativity, be more kind, laugh as much as possible and love as hard as I can.


  1. Happy New Year!


  2. Y realmente esa es la buena filosofía de la vida. Actúa así y serás feliz, contemplando las pequeñas cosas que suelen pasar desapercibidas cada día y disfruta de cada momento, invierte el tiempo en ti y en tu bienestar y los tuyos.
    Un fuerte abrazo y feliz semana y año.

  3. Awesome! Have a great new year of blogging and lovely adventures!

  4. Masz dobre podejście. Media społecznościowe potrafią siać zamęt w postrzeganiu wielu spraw.
    Wspaniałego 2023 roku.

  5. Muito lindo e interessante este post, meus parabéns.

    Arthur Claro

  6. So great post


  7. Happy New Year 🖤🖤🖤

    Un beso desde Plegarias en la Noche

  8. I just discovered your blog thank to your comment. Happy New Years to you! I like what you said about new beginnings and pushing creativity. That's a message I needed to hear. :)

    I'm glad you are returning to blog!

  9. Yes I am not big on resolutions myself as they are too easy to break I prefer change as I am ready for it.

    Allie of

  10. Yeah I also know this messages, they are scam. But this was the officially Eucerin website and they have the advent calendar since many years :D Maybe they have a logistical problem or something like that.

    I will enjoy what 2023 will happen =) I have planned so many trips, it will be a nice year, I'm really sure about that.

  11. My best wishes and blessings for you