March 21, 2020

Find New Fashion Trends at Lover-Beauty

I know I’m supposed to be all about summer right now, with fabulous summer dresses and swimsuit sale happening, but I’m just not ready to give up my love for all these long sleeve tops yet! How can you resist all these beauties? Especially these two beautiful vintage-inspired top with dreamy see-through sleeves and delicate detailing. The yellow gree long sleeve jacket looks really perfect for any occasion and I will definitely be able to wear this while pairing it with denim pants. I spotted them all at cheap online clothing stores.


Anywho, if you consider shapewear to tone your muscles down, firms it up, shave off your tummy and make panty lines disappear for a smooth finish... well, you're not alone. The market is flooded these days with a number of admittedly confusing undergarments, each serving a different purpose. As much as you wanted to have them all but the prices are quite expensive. Good thing I have discovered lover-beauty, a webstore where they can offer you shapewear that is a perfect fit for your body shape, with different styles and purposes.

Finding the best shapewear is no longer a problem with the lover-beauty webstore. You can easily find a great variety of best affordable shapewear which are made of top quality materials and unique style. Below are some of my favorite, I'm sure it will give me a smooth perfect-finish to my new purchased figure-hugging dress. 


  1. You are MUCH more stylish than I am. I lean towards comfort and practicality.

  2. Never dabbled into shape wear but these look great, Thanks for the tips!!

    XX Angelica

  3. Love the green top.

  4. Shapewear can certainly give you an improved figure!