June 5, 2019

Dough Creamery: A Delicious Sweet Treats

I was never a fan of overly sweet things as a child, the hard or chewy candy and chocolates that the other kids were eating. I was more into fruits, which I still love to this day. The only sweet thing that I eat semi-regularly especially during summer is the ice cream in a bun sandwich from wooden pushcarts painted in wild colors like a jeepney that you can find only on the street (of Philippines) by the ice cream vendors.

This sweet treat, which comes in many flavors, has been loved by generations of Filipinos everywhere. Ice cream vendors sell this sweet delight on the streets for less than the price of a sundae at your favorite fast food chain.

Now, shoppers of SM North Edsa can get a taste of this family favorite, thanks to this dessert shop named "Dough Creamery".

If you're in the mood for something even more adventurous, opt for their signature Spindle, Ice Dog and Waffle Pop. The cones, buns and waffles are super tasty and toasty, edges just slightly burnt and crunchy that are sure to impress everyone. As I took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised. Perfect sweetness, not too greasy or way too sweet but just pure deliciousness.

1. Spindle (a bread cone made from dough with a donut-like cone texture);


2. Waffle Pop (waffle served on a popsicle stick);

3. Ice Dog (fast-fried bun filled with ice cream

It tastes even better with their SPECIAL caramelized chocolate, blueberry, ube, cheddar, peanut butter and caramel for only P79
Or the PREMIUM caramelized Peanut Butter & Blueberry Jelly, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Caramel Apple and Choco Banana for only P119.

How could you ever resist bubbly soda with ice cream on top of it?
Cream Soda as the Dough Creamery call it -- is a match made in heaven. It wasn’t just the sugar either, it was that tangy sensation of the bubbles hitting my tongue and washing down my throat that kept me coming back for more. Cream Soda comes in Matcha, Black Currant, Wildberry, and Passionfruit flavors for only P79.

(photo from shaynevalerienaa )

Dough Creamery's own version of milk tea is called Floatea, and this was the one I was most excited to try because I'm a hot tea/milk tea lover. It taste really healthy (LOL), because they use authentic tea leaves from Taiwan. Though they do not serve pearls (as like other milk tea shops), they top it off with ice cream that will float on top of your milk tea drink. A Combination of milk tea and ice cream is one of the best tasting offerings this summer. Is it worth the hype? I'll let you decide.

(photo from whattoeatph)

Dough Creamery was run by a group of business-minded young guys. All the visual and technical details in Dough Creamery, from the designs of its dessert stall, down to the crunchiness of its cones, have been carefully considered their choices, with much research, creativity, and dedication to tradition going into everything. We are certain to enjoy these little gems quite regularly in the future!

Dough Creamery is at North Towers, SM North and follows the mall’s hours of operation.
Like their Facebook page HERE and follow their Instagram account HERE!


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  7. I was not big on sweets as a kid either or now. I have more of salt tooth then a sweet tooth. As a kid my thing was potato chips and cheese doodles. I did like ice cream but I can no longer have it thanks to nerve damage from a badly done root canal. This place looks amazing, so many great treats to choose from!

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