May 15, 2019

How to Adjust Size of Your Lace Front Wig to be Suitable

The most popular full lace and front human hair wigs, they are very popular and selling well whether online or on offline shops. Lace front wig is typically worn by women, it has lace mesh base at the front area where is hairline, the rest of the wig mainly made of hair wefts and their is not wig cap base at all. Full lace wig can be worn in a high ponytails and whole full lace wig cap was made with many types of lace base material. The lace base commonly used include french lace, swiss lace, stretch lace, monofilament lace (#3 lace) etc. There is adjustable straps at back of cap of lace front wig that can be adjusted the size of cap when you want the wig more suitable and want to feel comfortable.

Style your natural hair as usual would wear it with a lace front wig. That may include braiding it or slicking it down. Remember that the bulkiness of your natural hair will affect your lace front wig fits well.

Secure your hair with a stocking cap or wig liner. This is to create a flat surface so that you can attach the lace front wig for better fitting.

Place the lace front wig on your head to check where the hairline goes. When the lace front wig is in the position you want,compare which side is too small or too big. Sometimes it's caps may be larger from the crown area, back of your head or around the ears.

Remove the lace front wig from your head and turn it's inside out, then you can check the wig cap carefully.

Lift the ribbon below the ear tabs that runs from bottom to top and fold it over. Sew the ribbon to the lace front wig cap with a needle and thread that matches the color of the wig cap. Put the lace front wig back on your head to determine if it fits accurately. If the wig fits good, you are done. If the lace front wig is still too large, you can adjust the straps at back of the wig cap to make the circumference of cap smaller.

Continue in this manner until your lace front wigs is as  small as what you need. Make sure to leave enough room to accommodate the normal motion of your head.

Since high quality front lace wigs can cost around 100 dollars (if you purchase from our site), you need to have your lace front wig made smaller by a professional stylist if you are not sure if you can manage it or not.


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