December 7, 2018

Tupperware Brands Naughty or Nice Gift Guide 2018

If you're looking for a nice gift with just a hint of naughty in there, here are four ideas to consider. And if you've already gotten all of your holiday shopping out of the way for your family and friends, why not treat yourself to something you know you'll love? No matter what, you can embrace both the good and the naughty side this holiday season, because it just wouldn't be fun without either of them.

If you're not sure where to go shopping but want to find a present that is truly special just visit Tupperware Brands and we are pretty confident that they have a great taste when it comes to gift-giving.

1. More Than Milk Almond Latte
Celebrate your skin this season because even the naughty deserve a little nice.
Nourish your skin with the wholesome goodness of almond milk and the revitalizing energy of coffee for a nourished and healthy glow. 
Formulated with: 
 - Coffee Extract to help restore skin vitality for a nourished and healthy glow. 
- Almond Milk Proteins to soothed irritated skin and lock in moisture, leaving it soft and supple. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin.

2. All Day Wear Naughty and Nice Dual-Ended Lipstick
Are you naughty or nice or both? Get both looks with one versatile dual-ended lipstick which has a beautiful soft shade in velvety finish for day and a bolder shade in liquid matte lipstick for night or combine both to create a one-of-a kind look. These lipstick may cause severe sexiness and irresistible lips. Play with your look, and express all the different aspects of your personality. 

These Pure Naturals Lipsticks is also my favorite in Tupperware Brands' Colour Collection. These lipsticks is infused with natural ingredients for added lip care that leaves your lips smooth and moisturized. Im pretty sure these natural lipsticks will do so much good for me because i have such sensitive lips! 

3. My Scent Floral Gift Set
My Scent Floral Gift Set is our pick for a sweet and sexy scent that won’t break your budget. It’s a popular Holiday pick for girls of all ages. Light and delicate fragrances that open with fresh, sweet lilies and uplifting notes of freshly-picked roses with a light hint of musk undertones to keep you warm and sweet. These floral musky scent is an underappreciated jewel of a fragrance that has just enough spice to keep it from being “too nice”. 

Each boxed gift set includes 1 Hand and Body Lotion, 1 Body Mist plus Beauty Gift Bag.

4. Baby Care Plus
Whether your little one has been naughty or nice in 2018, they've no doubt made the gift list one way or another and will need something fantastic this Christmas. 
Use a gentle and baby-friendly baby products for your little ones. This will ensure that your baby won't cause any skin irritation. 
Make the most out of your baby’s bath time with products that promote healthy skin with every use. Baby Care Plus Baby Bath is trusted by moms everywhere to protect baby’s skin against irritation. After bath time, use Baby Care Plus Baby Lotion and gently massage your baby. This will give your little one's skin all it needs to stay moisturized throughout the day. The Baby Care Plus Baby Powder is light and gentle and helps in keeping the baby dry and fresh. All these baby products has a Unique plus* ingredients and with mild, powdery scent.

Click HERE for more photos from Tupperware Brands Beauty & Baby Bloggers' Party!


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