Saturday, January 27, 2018

PERSONAL | 19 Brilliant Strategies to Live a Better Life

If you’re asking yourself how you can live a better life, then this list is for you. Look no further, here are some of the choices you need to make in order to see this world for the wonderful place it is. Enjoy these 19 brilliant strategies to live a better life.

1. Never use social media to express how much you hate social media. Think about it.

2. Watch the The Bachelor. It will make you feel intelligent beyond compare or the Gossip Girl, it will make you feel like you’re one of those Manhattan’s elite.

3. People who don't comment on Instagram pictures are pebbles in the shoe of life. Do it. Do it right now. My IG username is @julieann_lozada 😄

4. Be good to people. It's such a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

5. "Comparison is the thief of joy." Learn this concept. Engrave it in your mind. Once you accept that comparing yourself to others is a complete waste of time, you will be so much happier.

6. Social media is a huge part of our life. Use this properly like to connect with people we love and to document our life to inspire others. Don’t use this to bash people you don’t like and to stalk your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. It will save some heartache.

7. Never convince yourself extra rice is a bad idea. How dare. If it tastes good on first try, it’s gonna taste good on the second and third tries as well.

8. It's cool to have opinions. It's cool to know what's going on in the world. But, remember, you are not edgy and different because you have a controversial opinion. You're also in high school. Keep that in mind next time you decide to jump into a twitter/facebook fight about politics.

9. Always dress like you're going to run into your ex-boyfriend. Khloe Kardashian said the best revenge was a good body. I'm also typing this, while doing squats.

10. Apologize. To everyone you've ever wronged. No matter how long it's been. It's worth it, I promise. Here, I'll start...

Mr. Policemen, 
I'm sorry I said you’re dumb AF. Also I'm sorry for sending you anonymous twitter hate during the "Operation Tokhang" phase. I'm not proud of those times. I'm hoping we can move forward and support each other professionally from here on out.

PS: (But please stop the lawless and stupid actions, thank you.)

11. Choose good and real friends. Plastic people belong to the trash, not to your life.

12. Eat more plants. Not animals. The earth was made for all beings, not only human beings.

13. Not everyone is going to think you’re cool and that’s okay! They’re wrong tho. Believe in yourself.

14. Life was too short to waste time in a class you don’t like to take. Or a job you aren’t interested in. Or in a toxic relationship. Or the countless hours you spent on Youtube watching stupid videos. So, change your life.

15. Sat down and write a list of a life you wanted. Cross out the “Go to Mars” and “Live happily ever after” and focused on a few realistic goals like on my list:

1. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea 
2. Marry Leonardo Dicaprio 
3. One on one debate with Mr. President 
4. Watch the Olympics in person 
5. Save the world, the universe rather.

16. Count your blessings, not calories. RIGHT LADIES?

17. Men should have a powerful body (like muscles and abs) honed by hard physical labor – not from an expensive membership at the gym.

18. Stop comparing guys to movie characters. Truthfully, we are asking a lot from boys when we post a status and tweet things like, "Why can't all guys be like Empoy?" Hello?! I mean, he's a character in a movie given good lines not all guys are going to be like that. In your dreams.

19. Show love to everyone. This world is fallen and desperate for love.


The girl named Ana said...

Hahaha, so good post, dear. And really nice bucket list 😂 I love your writing style. Following you ❤️

The girl named Ana

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

love #13. Have a great weekend.

Paty Domingues said...

Dicas para valiosas para uma vida melhor



Magda Carvalho said...

fantastic sharing

Svetlana Shkrebtan said...

Great thoughts!♥♥

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Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

this is super interesting my friend :O I'm totally agree with you

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Fernanda de Oliveira Brito said...

Olá, bom dia!!

Gostei da sua lista e estava precisando ler algo a respeito.

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Great post dear :)

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Hari Rari said...

Awesome post, i totally agree that extra rice is always a good idea, i love it! And i'm trying to stop eating meat, it's hard but i'm happy that now i eat more plants and less animals ^^
I'm following your blog now :)

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Shopping Lady said...

All great tips, I esapecially love the point 16 ;)!

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Pathy Guarnieri said...

Nice tips.

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Anya Dryagina said...

Wonderful post dear!

Александра Чигаркова said...

What good strategies. If you apply 5-6 points, life will immediately become better))

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