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CROWD SOURCING: Does anyone here knows an ENGINEER who is working in Land Developer Office or Real Estate Company?

ENGINEER(S) will receive certain range of INCENTIVES/BONUSES.

Frank-Ross Multi Resource Corp. - We are a QUALITY WATER PROVIDER for condominiums, hotels, subdivisions, certain city, municipality, resettlement areas, depressed areas nationwide and international.

We offer excellent DIFFERENT WATER TANK with various materials or compositions.

We cater CONSULTANCY for water system management, maintenance and construction.

The UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) of our company are the following:

  • Our WATER MANAGEMENT is exceptional. We have no shortcoming in terms of the maintenance.  
  • We provide LOW COST monthly water bill and with very affordable connection fee. 
  • The water is cured, clean and crystal clear POTABLE FOR DRINKING which passed the monthly potability test. NO NEED to buy mineral/distilled water. 

For those who are interested to tie up with us for a project hence to know more details about our products and/or services, my contact details are below:

Contact no.: (+63)9321-318-637

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