January 9, 2017

2017 Means Following My Heart

This is technically another backlog post ‘coz I just wanted to share a photography round up of my lookbook from the past few months and I also consider this post as a delayed Thanksgiving post. While my calendar took the last breathe on the 31st of December, I am still overwriting 6 on 5 and wondering how this year is going to be any different than before. I was writing down my resolutions and I thought, well there’s truly nothing I would change. All I want, is just to keep going, to keep living and to keep dreaming. All I know is that I want to enjoy life to the fullest, be happy, have no fear and be surprised every single day. Everything that needs to happen will happen, everything that shouldn’t, won’t. As long as I live like that, I’ll be satisfied with anything that comes along.

2017 means following my heart.

You guys know how incredibly passionate I am about writing and I’ve been willing to do it for the longest time. It feeds my soul and I want to touch people's hearts through print and influence people's perspective about different issues. 'Tis my only way to express my opinions and feelings when I can't even utter a single word. Writing has been my life from a really young age and this year meant trusting my gut and working my ass off.

Fashion takes my heart, and there’s nothing else in this world that I want to do more than to inspire. I decided from the beginning to keep It's a Girl Thing a positive place, where you feel inspired and takes your mind off of something, or maybe even your stress or anger away for a couple of minutes to drown in a little world of travel, adventure, fun, inspiration, events and fashion. I’m thankful for this space to share these good times.

To me fashion and writing create the perfect combination, this association between the visual and the feelings is so fascinating. I hope that 2017 will allow me to let you in on this.

2016 symbolized so many incredible events, sleepless nights, travels, volunteer routines, charity works, and collaboration with some of the most amazing online store worldwide. Somehow in the mix of it all, though, my little photography projects have still been a priority, and I can’t imagine living a life without it. Photography is the most mysterious way to look at and capture the world. I just love the ability to capture a moment in time and go back to it whenever I want to.

I couldn’t believe everything that I’ve accomplished these last couple of years but I know deep down that this is only the beginning. I am so proud and happy for it all. All of this was enough to make my head and heart explode.

To my family and all my friends, being with you makes me happy beyond words. And nothing would be worth this ride if it was without all my followers and readers if I couldn’t share each accomplishment with you guys.

I hope you’re going to be as many, as adorable, as smart and loyal this year than you were in 2016! It's a Girl Thing really has the best followers and readers in the entire world. I love you all guys so much, from the bottom of the heart, and I hope we’ll be able to meet up this year! Having you guys in my life has actually been one of the most constructive experiences. In 2016, 183 countries viewed my blog (http://www.itsjulieann.com/) – I find that statistic quite amazing. Thank you to all of my friends all over the world. Lots of love and success to all of you.


  1. Good luck on your journey through the new year

  2. Sounds like you had a fun and busy 2016. Here to another great year.


  3. I wish you all the best for 2017 :)

  4. All the best to you darling, wishing you an inspiring 2017!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  5. More blessings to you this 2017! Thanks for your wonderful comment on Qing's Style. Hope to hear from you soon!

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