December 21, 2015

Style Tricks To Make Men Look Taller

Unlike women, men can’t put on 4 inches heel and add extra inches to their height. A short height does have its own disadvantages but that should not stop you from getting ahead of the fashion curve. There are numerous ways in which you can play around with your small height to your advantage. Dress wise by inculcating the following tips and tricks:

1. Choose a monochrome palette
You must have heard that wearing an all-black outfit not just gives the illusion of a slimmer body but also that of a long height. And that’s true! However you do not have to stick with a Black color all your life. Get more attracted towards dark solid shades as they work better. If you go with lighter shades, try to incorporate them on your upper body and the darker ones for your lower body. This will add a lengthening effect for your body. Now when you know that a monochrome palette is your best friend, shop for clothes in that color family online by availing Jabong coupons present on at low prices with the bonus of Cashback.

2. Say no to low waist pants
Go for low waist trousers and you cut down your leg line. It’s best that you opt for pants that fit at your natural waistline so that there’s an illusion of longer legs. Avoid baggy and ill-fitting pants as they will only take away inches from your height. When shopping for trousers, choose ones that have a slim fit. If you find this a difficult tasks, go for ones by particular brands such as Levis that specially have a different set of slim fit trousers. That will make your work easy.

3. Pay attention to pattern
Men with small height should be extra careful of the patterns they choose. If you like floral shirts, ensure that you wear the ones with small patterns and not the ones which spell that you just came from a holiday from Goa. If you like stripes, go for vertical and diagonal stripes to create the effect of a taller body frame. Stick to smaller patterns and play safe in this area.

4. Mind the length of your tee/shirt
Baggy pants can cut your height and so can the tees/shirts you sport which fall below your hipbone. Tees and shirts shouldn’t cover most part of your body as they will take away a few inches from your height. Stick to ones that end just at your waistline and tuck them in. This will give the appearance of longer legs. Also keep in mind the sleeves length of your tee and shirt. Avoid the short ones as they make arms look short. Play by this style rule and see it changing your appearance for good.

5. Opt for shoes with a low vamp cut
If not wearing dressy shoes or boots, opt for loafers and moccasins that have a low vamp cut. Shoes with low vamp cut allow more skin to be shown which means an illusion of long height. When buying dressy shoes, oxford shoes or boots, choose ones that have an inch heel. Shop for such shoes online from a reputed brand by checking out Woodland shoes price list on

Apart from these tips, keep your accessories also in check. Stay clear of things which will attract attention to your lower part area such as blingy belt, statement shoes or flashy bracelets. Focus on getting people’s eyes move upwards! These tricks should definitely help you in faking a tall height!


  1. Love your post, great content!

    CHRISTMAS is almost here!!


  2. Love your post, great content!

    CHRISTMAS is almost here!!


  3. I'm an inch from being 6ft tall, I'm not very height-sensitive. Though I know many who are

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