LOOK | The Funky Witch

A black cape, a broom and a black pointed hat. There is perhaps no Halloween costume more iconic than a witch. I don’t want to do anything scary or creepy, so... I put away those all black costume and get in the spirit of Halloween season with a costume that's a little bit more, well, funky and stylish. By the way, I was inspired to do this Halloween party post by Faimont Hotel in San Francisco .

So, what would a funky witch wear? Instead of an all black plain witch costume, I wore a tank top and I choose this lovely tutu skirt made of black, pretty pastel pink tulle and ribbons. For the pointed witch hat, I added colorful ribbons, a pastel pink and purple tulle fabric on it and a black rose for some details.

We may think that our Halloween costume is the perfect disguise, but it actually says a lot about who we are. Here's my first witch Halloween costume: The Swaggy Witch :)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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