Tuesday, July 7, 2015

PHOTOSHOOT | BTS for Boho Tribe

Only a short post with some BEHIND THE SCENE photos taken last year. This past few months has been awfully busy for me, the amount of work I had is quite unusual for me and that's the reason behind the delay of my blog update.

In the thick of shooting our last years photoshoot for Simone's Closet Collection, the team arrived at the idea of bringing the spirit of sisterhood, free people and bohemian vibe. For those who wants to see more of our bohemian photos, you can have a look at them in Simone's Closet Fanpage.


Click HERE for more photos!


Laura C. said...

I love these pics;)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

looks like a fun photo shoot. Don't work to hard.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Please click on the link on my post

Adam said...

nice pictures of you'll

Nerline Germain said...

Hi pretty,
It is always good to see you and the girls together. I love the peace sign!

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