April 19, 2015

LOOK | Uniform

The park where I take my pictures have been very busy lately. There’s been more people playing sports, jogging, strolling and being active, and I’m the odd one out taking photos and getting a lot of stares. They must be wondering what the heck is this girl doing.

About the outfit, this checkered pencil skirt from Pink Fashion has already become a huge wardrobe favorite of mine and I have worn it on various occasions already. It’s longer than my other skirts and works perfectly with white tops and tucked in to create a nice silhouette.


Click HERE for more photos!


  1. You look amazing dear! Love that skirt


  2. Marvelous skirt and I really love your sunglasses.
    Kisses beauty :)

  3. you are beautiful!!! I'm a new follower, please follow my blog!!!! kiss