October 2, 2014

Vitress Catwalk Event

If you’ve read my two previous posts about Vitress, ( Find the Best Vitress Solution for You and Meet the #sexybeautiful Endorsers of Vitress ) you'll notice how much I love this product. I've been using this product since high school and I've been getting more and more confident with putting my hair down.

I was surprised when I was invited by my friend Anne to the Vitress Catwalk Event last August 08, 2014 at Global City. It was such a delight that I got to meet the #sexybeautiful Endorsers of Vitress -- Solenn Heussaff, Kim Jones, Gretchen Ho as they discuss their favorite Vitress variant, hairtips and the latest from Vitress.

We get to walk down a purple catwalk with paparazzi all over to make you feel like a celebrity and complete with artificial wind for our windblown catwalk look In the middle of the catwalk was a Vitress station where we can pick our serum and then use it to tame our hair.

Here I am taking a #HAIRFIE aftter walking the Vitress Catwalk!

Of course it’s MUST for us to do a #wefie! HEHE

These are the Vitress variants that are totally worth working into your daily haircare routine now. Once you do it for months, it becomes rote and regimented, so what are you waiting for? 

Lucky me, I had a closer look with these three gorgeous Vitress endorser and they really had a gorgeous and shiny hair. From left to right is the model and actress Solenn Heussaff, fashionista and TV host Kim Jones, and volleyball superstar Gretchen Ho.

The foods are totes delicious!

With the actress/model Solenn Heussaff.

Here we are with bag full of Vitress products and gifts.

Look what's inside my gift bag :) 

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. your dress is so nice my dear!!!great event;)

  2. What a cool surprise for your friend lovely pictures

  3. sound like you had an amazing time at the event.

  4. Beautiful event. I am glad you had a chance to be there.

  5. You are adorable, I really love your dress sweetie.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  6. That looks like such a fun event! I wish I could go to something like that.