May 29, 2014

Little Blue Dress

Hi guys! Excuse the silence on my blog, I have been busy these past few weeks 'coz I'm practicing my photography skills and I already have a few clients. I'll start sharing some of my photography and artwork some other time. Well, I missed this place tremendously, so now I'm back!

I'm now working on my backlog which currently is CRAZY long, but first here's what I wore on Day-3 of SUPERSTYLEMNL Bazaar last May 4, 2014.

I kept my accessories simple and wore just a statement pieces, a neon boho crown from Simone's Closet. My little blue dress from already speaks for itself anyway. I love how striking it is despite its simple style. I sealed off my look with a pair of neon yellow green pumps from Primadonna.

These photos turned out so flippin' amazing because of this vintage car from Eurikina Car Club.

Dress: | Boho crown: Simone's Closet Shoes: Primadonna

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. You look amazing like the dress and the combo.

  2. Lovely dress, it looks amazing on the yellow shoes and headband :))))

  3. You look very cute and I love the heels. xoxo

    Enara's Things

  4. Congrats on your photography!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Following back on GFC #1066

  5. you look super nice, sooo gorgeous! btw, are you a model?

  6. This blue dress is perfect on you sweetie <3
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. I love the dress!!! Nice combo with the yellow shoes and headband! xx