May 5, 2014

Julie Ann at 95.5 Pinas FM

As mentioned on my previous post, here's the photos and video clip from my interview with DJ Raymond Stone and DJ Moodie Jam of 95.5 Pinas FM last month. They used to focus on questions about my blog and to invite the listeners for the SUPERSTYLEMNL Bazaar which ended yesterday.

My new friend and favorite DJ, Dora Chikadora.

My first interview was with DJ Raymond Stone but I don't have the copy of the recorded video interview.

Here's my second interview with DJ Moodie Jam. I just cut it short to avoid wasting your time. :)
I'm a bit nervous, lol!

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. You rock doll how cool and you l9ok amazing.

  2. that's really cool that you got to be on the radio

  3. This is a big deal, Julie Ann! I am happy for you. And you look too darn cute:-) Kisses!

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