LOOK | Gothic Mood

As I mentioned in my previous post, my style is flexible and I always wanted to try different style. I love experimenting and I love to try out outfits that are more unusual. My style changes depends on my mood -- classic, vintage, bohemian, swag, casual etc and today's outfit features my first attempt to a kinda-goth outfit!

The other way to achieve a gothic look is to try out cat eye makeup. Eyeliner is essential to Gothic makeup, and not just any eyeliner - a deep black liquid eyeliner. It should ideally be worn thick. While I admit it's not that good, lol,  I think for my first attempt its not too shabby, it's getting there - right? Haha. 

Shirt: Jewels | Skirt: Fashion020

 Shoes: Parade of Shoes

Click HERE for more photos!

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