LOOK | Scottish

I've been MIA from blogging for the past few weeks, now... I'm back - no more missing in action! I hardly find time to blog because I got an issue with my expired domain name, fixing the problem has been taking all my time and its been kicking my butt. Fortunately, the issue has now been resolved! I'm so lucky because my domain registrant is so kind and helpful. :)

As to my outfit, I got this amazing Scottish style blazer as a present from Persunmall and I just cannot describe how pleased I am! I love it, and it is definitely my favorite blazer. Im so happy I was able to add another beautiful piece to my collection from my favorite store - Persunmall. I have bought this plaid long sleeve shirt in a thrift store for only $2 and I'm so damn happy with it. I like the whole layered look! :)

Plaid Blazer: Persunmall | Longsleeve: Thrifted

Bag: Thrifted | Short: Jewels | Shoes: M+Y

Click HERE for more photos!

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