December 1, 2013

CAMUS: Unveils 150-Year Anniversary

These photos were taken last November 13 but I didn't get a chance to upload them till now while I have two other events that I need to post.

Camus invites us to the unveiling of its new elegance collection in celebration of their 150 years of living tradition. We spent a perfect dinner at the Black Olive Ceveseria in Shaw Blvd., Pasig City. It such a great restaurant with delicious food that I truly could never get enough of. It was such a pleasure to be there with other guest from media, publishers and magazine advertisers.

Camus Cognac is celebrating 150 years as an independent, family-owned company. It is the fifth largest producer of the refined distilled wine product which is brandy produced inside the Cognac region of France. It is also the youngest of the established multi-national producers. Its largest markets are in Asia and Eastern Europe. They're finally here in Philippines. The brand is become global.

The event is also the introduction of a new logo featuring a streamlined version of its iconic cloverleaf, proudly reflecting the company’s heritage, while asserting its contemporary ambition.

Camus cognac comes in several blends. There are the VS Elegance, VSOP Elegance, XO Elegance, and Extra Elegance.

Jean Christophe Rasse the Camus Area Manager 

Another major highlight of this anniversary year is the unveiling of Cuvée 5.150, an assembly of five ancestral cognacs, each chosen for its character to symbolize the distinguishing mark left by the successive generations of the Family at the head of the House.

A fine dining table.

With Pola del Monte of Businessworld High Life

Some great  food prepared by Black Olive, a perfect food for wine pairings.
The evening began with the 150 Special cocktail created for the Camus anniversary  followed by the ancestral cognacs and ended with the taste of Cuvee Cognac.
Menu 1: Squid Ink Stuffed, Prawns Gambas & Prawns Penchus with T-Bones Tapas
Menu 2: Lamps Beep Medallions in Red Wine Juice with Piotta Gratin
Menu 3: Chocolate, Almond and Raisen Torta with Vanilla Ice Cream

Me, enjoying the food. Wine is perfect for seafood! Yum! :)

Lorna Alejandro and Apple Hollin of DDG Magazine

My cousin Angel of Fashion Scoop

The event ended with a picture to the Camus Area Manager, Jean Christophe Rasse. It was such a great event and I couldn't ask for a better evening.

Click HERE for more photos!


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