LOOK | In Full Bloom

I've been dying to do a look in this amazing dress from one of the best clothing line, Sheinside. This is what I've been lusting after since last month, and this time I ended up wearing one. Yipee!

The dress in itself is a show stealer so I kept my accessories simple and wore just a floral head piece from Il Fiore. I love how the floral dress builds a gorgeous connection with my headpiece. To anyone who desires to own high quality and gorgeous dress like this, just visit Sheinside website or if you want the same dress just click this LINK.

So, I absolutely love the clothes that Sheinside has to offer and I was looking forward to see more, to hold more, to wear more of this great brand. :)

Dress: Sheinside 

Floral Crown: Il Fiore | Shoes: M+Y

Click HERE for more photos!

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