November 19, 2013

BFAS Yuletide Edition: Day 1

Good Evening. Just a quick post tonight. I know it's late, but I wanted to share with you these photos from the Day 1 of Bazaar For All Season: Yuletide Edition held last November 9 at Elements Tent, Eton Centris.

So, here's the photos I managed to capture from my iPad and I want to thank everyone who dropped by and shopped to my booth. Thanks for the support! :)

Some of my prettiest and sweet shoppers! :) Thank you guys! 

My booth partner Denise and the sexy mom Jaqui.

With the beautiful Rhea
And thanks to my girls Angel and Stacey for being ever supportive to my tiring but always fun activities! :)

Some of my random photos. 

Check out my BFAS DAY 2 on my next post. I’m hoping to be able to spend some more time on blogger tomorrow.

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures in the bazaar. Keep in touch

  2. Hello from Spain. It's seems a funny day.

  3. You look so pretty and so are the girls around you. Awesome pictures

  4. I love all the cute outfits and photos :D


  5. Lovely pics! Looks like you are having an awesome time! T.

  6. I really want to go to that event! Makes me think that I should start going to blogger events here, hehe. You look so adorable and beautiful with that outfit! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  7. So cool post!!
    love it and love you♥♥
    New post on my blog

  8. It seems like a beautiful event dear...

    Thank you for sharing it with us...

    Have a nice day

  9. Great photos. Come check out my giveaway on the blog.